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Living Life, One Rand at a Time

South Africans don't save. Household debt averages about 75% of their after tax income. As Wealthsmiths™ we wanted to establish awareness on the importance of savings.

Would we reconnect with our money again if we could touch it, feel it and see it right in front of us 24 hours a day? On the first day of National Savings Month, a man suddenly appeared and took a radical step to reconnect with his money. As a social experiment over July, he was disconnected from all his online banking, credit cards and overdraft facilities and he received his entire salary in R1 coins.

We created a series of 5 weekly YouTube episodes during National Savings Month to document his life paying for everything in R1 coins.

Introducing the One Rand Man

Episode 1: Payday

Episode 2: The Great Divide

Episode 3: Pay The Man

Episode 4: La Vida Loca

Episode 5: Going for Broke

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Every Saturday, financial journalists from our newspaper partner, Personal Finance, wrote helpful articles addressing all the issues raised. Browse the gallery to see these features along with more photos and media coverage of the One Rand Man’s journey

The Expert Videos
We asked Sanlam financial and behavioural experts to weigh in on the issues after every webisode, take a look.

Expert Advice: Ask the Experts Week 1

Expert Advice: Ask the Experts Week 2

Expert Advice: Ask the Experts Week 3

Expert Advice: Ask the Experts Week 4

Expert Advice: Ask the Experts Week 5

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