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The Album That Got People Singing to Save a City

We took on Day Zero with the help of SA’s top recording artists.

As Cape Town experienced the worst drought in a century, we urgently needed to find a way to help Capetonians reduce their showers to two minutes or less. We all like to sing in the shower (whether we’d like to admit it or not) so we recruited the nation’s top artists and challenged them to create two-minute versions of their most popular tracks. Now, Capetonians could press play and sing along, knowing that when the song ends, so should their showers.

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Save water, press play

We released the world’s first 2-minute Shower Songs album on our website, free to download and stream. At the same time, it dropped on all major music platforms.

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Browse the tracklist from this campaign.

Behind the scenes

What does it take for 10 top artists to rewrite, reorchestrate and record their most famous tracks in under two minutes? Watch our behind the scenes footage to find out.

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