Death Claims
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Death Claims

This is a hard time for all those close to the person who died.

To make sure that you have all the help you need, we have set out the steps to submitting a claim below. For more detailed information, please view the Death Claims Guide. (ENG / AFR)

For Sanlam Indie claims, please visit the Sanlam Indie claims section for more information.

Step 1: Gather all documents

  • Certified copy of the official death certificate
  • Depending on the product, additional forms may be required. Call us if you’re unsure what products or benefits the client had.
  • For clients who had retirement provision with death benefits
    • Last will and testament of the client, if there is no will we require an affidavit stating this
    • Marriage Certificate (civil and customary marriages)
    • If there were previous marriages, we require the divorce order(s) with settlement agreement(s)

Step 2: Fill in one of the claims forms below

  • Submit or track claim electronically here
  • Death Claim form (ENG / AFR)
  • Form of dependants (ENG / AFR)
  • SAPS statement (only in the case of ‘Unnatural’ cause of death) (Download PDF)
  • Change or submit banking details (for claims) (ENG / AFR)

Step 3: Send completed documents to Sanlam

  • Send the documents to Sanlam using any of the contact details below

What happens next?

  • Sanlam will review the documents
  • We will request any additional information that we need from you
  • Assess the claim
  • Inform you of the outcome




Death Claims ClaimsForms to be completed when the deceased had an individual savings or life policy with Sanlam and the proceeds of the policy(ies) must be claimed by the next-of-kin or executor., /CoZaBannerImages/DeathClaims.jpg?RenditionID=5
Funeral Claims ClaimsForms to be completed when claiming the funeral benefit on a Funeral Cover policy(One Family Supporter, Funeral Help Plan, Standard Family Funeral Cover or Waiver Family Funeral Cover)., /CoZaBannerImages/FuneralClaims.jpg?RenditionID=5
Benefit Claims ClaimsThere are various benefits that you can claim for eg. Disability, Trauma, Accident, Impairment, Sickness or Income Protector benefits. Find the claim form for the specific benefit that you wish to claim for., /CoZaBannerImages/BenefitClaims.jpg?RenditionID=5