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Sanlam Group Announces Executive Changes Group Announces Executive ChangesSanlam Group Announces Executive ChangesSanlam Group Announces Executive Changes2017-03-27T22:00:00ZSanlam Personal Finance CEO, Hubert Brody, will resign on 31 May 2017. SPF Deputy CEO Jurie Strydom will replace him on 1 June 2017.
Financial Planning Considerations When Investing Offshore Planning Considerations When Investing OffshoreFinancial Planning Considerations When Investing OffshoreConsiderations When Investing Offshore2017-03-26T22:00:00ZInvestors wanting offshore exposure have various routes they can take, but there are a number of considerations from a financial planning point of view that need to be taken into account.
Die Onlangse Prestasie van Suid-Afrika Geïnk Onlangse Prestasie van Suid-Afrika GeïnkDie Onlangse Prestasie van Suid-Afrika GeïnkOnlangse Prestasie van SA Geïnk2017-03-26T22:00:00ZDie konsep van Suid-Afrika as ‘n “maatskappy” met sy eie aandeleprys kan dalk vreemd klink, maar dit is tog ’n nuttige manier om te bepaal hoe dit deur finansiëlemarkdeelnemers beoordeel word.
The Recent Performance of South Africa Inc Recent Performance of South Africa IncThe Recent Performance of South Africa IncRecent Performance of SA Inc.2017-03-26T22:00:00ZThe concept of South Africa as a “company” with its own share price may sound strange, but it is nevertheless a useful way of gauging how it is assessed by financial market participants.
Sanlam Acquires Majority Stake in PineBridge Acquires Majority Stake in PineBridgeSanlam Acquires Majority Stake in PineBridgeSanlam Acquires Majority Stake in PineBridge2017-03-21T22:00:00ZThe Sanlam Group is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with PineBridge Investments to acquire its majority stake in PineBridge Investments East Africa Limited in Kenya (PIEAL).
Tackling the affordability of education the affordability of educationTackling the affordability of educationTackling the Affordability of Education2017-03-09T22:00:00ZThe cost of education in South Africa remains a hotly debated topic, as the affordability issue impacts many parents and students.

Our Process

Our financial planners will help you develop a complete financial plan. This will include information on how to get the amount of cover you need, how to invest your money based on your individual financial situation, how to get the best benefits based on your individual tax structure and how to ensure that your retirement savings portfolio is properly managed.

Financial Planning Process
  1. Initial meeting
  2. Identify your goal
  3. Assessment
  4. Financial Plan
  5. Implimentation
  6. Review

The processes we follow are proven and authorised by Sanlam.


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