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One Family’s Journey From Diagnosis to Recovery

How we started a conversation around the hidden costs of cancer.

Nobody likes to talk about cancer, let alone the financial realities of battling the disease. We all know medical treatments can cost a lot, but there are unexpected costs like transport, childcare and lifestyle changes that most people haven’t even considered. To show the real cost of cancer, we told the story of one family’s cancer journey – based on real survivor stories and created in partnership with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA).

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Cancer Affects the Whole Family
Told through social media, we shared three family members’ perspectives of battling the day-to-day challenges and costs of cancer – from the mother’s diagnosis, to her treatment and recovery. Watch the full videos here.

Diagnosis: The Mother’s Story

How can I beat this?

Diagnosis: The Father’s Story

Can we afford cancer?

Diagnosis: The Daughter’s Story

What’s going to happen?

Treatment: The Mother’s Story

Chemo takes so much time

Treatment: The Father’s Story

Our costs keep climbing

Treatment: The Daughter’s Story

Can we afford a dress for the dance?

Recovery: The Mother’s Story

A day at a time

Recovery: The Father’s Story

Are we prepared for the future?

Recovery: The Daughter’s Story

I can finally breathe again

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