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Introducing the Sanlam
Money Saver credit card

A credit card that doubles your savings
everytime you swipe

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Save with every swipe

Introducing the only credit card that gives as much as 5% cash back every time you swipe, PLUS earn R1 cash back per litre of fuel at Total forecourts!

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How it works

You commit to adding an additional 2.5%

of everything you spend to a dedicated savings account and we’ll match it with an additional 2.5%.

Swipe at our Reward Partners

They’ll contribute the 2.5% of your behalf and we’ll still match that 2.5%, which means you’ll save 5% for free.

Opt in without co-savings

You can still earn 1% towards your savings, or as much as 3% cash back at our Rewards Partners

Get a Cash-back Bonus

Your savings will be paid to you quarterly or annually as a Cash-back Bonus

More reasons to love the Sanlam Money Saver credit card

  • It’s a MasterCard, so you can swipe anywhere
  • Monthly card fee of only R56
  • You get up to 55 days interest-free
  • No confusing point systems or caps limiting your bonus
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Save even more with our Reward Partners

When you swipe your card at any of our Reward Partners, they’ll contribute the 2.5% on your behalf. We’ll still match that 2.5%, which means you save 5% for free.

PLUS, earn R1 cash back per litre guaranteed, on fuel purchases from Total!

Managed by Sanlam Reality, the loyalty programme of the Sanlam Group. Facilitated by RCS, as the Registered Credit and Authorised Financial Services Provider NCRCP 38. FSP 44481. The Cash-back Bonus is administered by EasyEquities, an Authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP 22588.

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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