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Sanlam exposure to Steinhoff International Holdings exposure to Steinhoff International HoldingsSanlam exposure to Steinhoff International HoldingsSanlam Exposure to Steinhoff International2017-12-20T22:00:00ZThe Sanlam Group has exposure to Steinhoff equity and debt instrumentsin on-balance sheet policyholder and shareholder portfolios.
Take Charge of Your Wallet This December Charge of Your Wallet This DecemberTake Charge of Your Wallet This DecemberTake Charge of Your Wallet This December2017-12-18T22:00:00ZWork smartly with you money this festive season to avoid the financial ‘hangover’ in January.
A Better Life through Aids Innovations Better Life through Aids InnovationsA Better Life through Aids InnovationsA Better Life through Aids Innovations2017-12-11T22:00:00ZDecember is World Aids Month and an apt time to celebrate innovations that allow HIV/Aids positive individuals to live a long and fulfilling life.
Leaving SA – To Emigrate or Relocate SA – To Emigrate or RelocateLeaving SA – To Emigrate or Relocate2017-12-11T22:00:00ZIf you are considering a move to another country, the first question to answer is whether you plan to emigrate, or just relocate?
Considerations For a Post-RDR World For a Post-RDR WorldConsiderations For a Post-RDR World2017-12-11T22:00:00ZAs the various phases of Retail Distribution Review (RDR) unfold over the next two years, intermediaries need to start positioning themselves appropriately for a new “advice fee” world.
Sanlam Financially Supports ARC Investments Financially Supports ARC InvestmentsSanlam Financially Supports ARC Investments2017-12-06T22:00:00ZSanlam has announced that it reached an agreement and received the relevant approvals to fund a company jointly owned by Ubuntu-Botho Investments and the Sanlam Ubuntu-Botho Community Development Trust.

Our Process

Our financial planners will help you develop a complete financial plan. This will include information on how to get the amount of cover you need, how to invest your money based on your individual financial situation, how to get the best benefits based on your individual tax structure and how to ensure that your retirement savings portfolio is properly managed.

Financial Planning Process
  1. Initial meeting
  2. Identify your goal
  3. Assessment
  4. Financial Plan
  5. Implimentation
  6. Review

The processes we follow are proven and authorised by Sanlam.


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