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Sanlam Cancer Benefit

Get financial support from as little as R100pm.

With one in four South Africans affected by cancer, there is a good chance that someone you know will get it. That’s when you need the ultimate support: comprehensive cancer cover for all stages of cancer, including early cancers. You will also need extra cash to help pay for the full cost of cancer such as missed workdays or getting help to care for yourself or your kids.

These extra costs can put severe strain on your finances. From just R100 per month, you can get the safety net to help you deal with the challenges cancer brings.

The Sanlam Cancer Benefit is the first-of-its-kind cancer-only benefit that gives you:

  • Comprehensive cover for cancers, tumours, leukaemia and lymphomas
  • 100% payout for all stages of specified aggressive cancers
  • Comprehensive cover for many early cancers
  • Lump-sum cash payout, which can be used towards expenses such as out-of-pocket medical costs, complementary therapy and dietary supplements.

A lump sum cash payout will help you deal with the hidden costs of cancer, such as:

  • Accommodation and transport to and from treatments
  • Home care for you and childcare for your children
  • Home modifications if an illness affects a patient's mobility or strength
  • Additional expenses such as new clothing or wigs

Frequently Asked Questions

The ‘minimum entry age’ means the minimum age that you can be covered. The entry age can be as low as 14, but will depend on the premium pattern you choose for your policy.

The ‘maximum entry age’ means the maximum age that you can be to take out the cover. There are 2 cover options:

  • Term Cover: The maximum entry age is 59 years old, if you choose the term cover option. In this option, the cover will be ending at age 64.
  • Whole Life Cover: The maximum entry age is 64 years old, if you choose the whole life cover option. In this option, you are covered for cancer for your whole life.

Cover can range from as low as R50 000 to as high as R6 000 000. The cover amount will be subject to financial underwriting.

The Sanlam Cancer Benefit provides very comprehensive cancer cover – 66 claim events covering cancers, tumours, leukaemias and lymphomas. This includes three catchall claim events for further peace of mind and 15 early cancer claim events.

The premium will depend on the amount of cover you choose, as well as your individual rating details, for example, age, gender, smoker status, medical history, and so forth.

It will also depend on the manner in which your benefit is structured. Speak to a financial planner who can help you with a quote based on your specific cover need and details.

Cancer cover doesn’t replace your medical aid or gap cover, but can supplement these if you’re diagnosed with cancer, as well as help with the hidden costs, such as transportation to and from treatment, family and living expenses, caregiving/at-home-care, alternative treatment options, and so forth.

You do not qualify for cancer cover if you currently have cancer. However, if you’re in remission, it may be possible to obtain cover depending on factors like the type of cancer, staging of the cancer and the period in remission.

No general waiting period applies for cancer cover, but a survival period of 14 days applies.

You can only take the Cancer Benefit for yourself or your spouse. If you want to cover your children for cancer, you can consider the Sanlam Child Illness and Injury benefit, which covers a wide range of diseases and injuries, including cancer. This benefit is available from their 1st birthday.

Speak to your financial planner today or contact us. Get advice from one of our qualified financial planners, call us on +27 86 072 6526, or leave your number and we will call you back.

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