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Gogo Knows Best

Who understands the value of time better than someone who’s lived a full life?

Elders are respected figures in South African culture. They’re the trusted voice of wisdom we turn to for guidance. When they talk, we listen. To highlight our 4-hour funeral plan payout, we introduced Gogo – the epitome of old-school authority who’s somewhat of an expert on time herself.

A One-of-a-Kind Influencer

We put uGogo online with her very own Twitter account. She soon became an influencer in her own right by sharing sound (and often unsolicited) advice about the important things in life.

Then things got raw and real when uGogo chatted about funerals, dating, motherhood and more on various TV spots and with the vloggers from Pap Culture.

Online Videos
Once uGogo had gained a loyal following, we featured
her in short online videos where she conveyed the
value of time message and highlighted our product

Episode 1: Stalk

Episode 2: Woke

Episode 3: Skip

Episode 4: Handy Vac

Episode 5: Advert

Episode 6: Album

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“Indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili” - Wisdom is found from those who have walked the path. Take a look at some other highlights from our campaign.


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