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What we offer


Life Insurance

Up to R10 million cover from R100 per month + free Wealth Bonus.

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Disability Cover

Instant cover from R100 per month + free Wealth Bonus.

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Critical Illness Cover

Instant cover from R100 per month + free Wealth Bonus.

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Income Protection

Instant cover from R100 per month + free Wealth Bonus.

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Funeral Cover

From R100 per month. Individual and family cover.

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Medical Gap Cover

​​​​​From only R200 per month. Individual and family cover.​​

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Cancer Benefit

From as little as R100 per month.

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Retirement Annuity

​​​​From R300 per month. Ex​tra 5% bonus.​​​

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Tax-free Savings

​​​​​​​​​From R250 - R3,000 per month or R10,000 - R36,000 one-off.​​​​​

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Unit Trusts

​​​From R500 per month. Wide range of funds.​​​

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Financial Check

Five-minute quiz. See how financially prepared you are.

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Online Will

Complete online. Print out and sign.​

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Credit Profile

Your monthly credit dashboard – free.

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Personal Loans

​​​Loan of up to R200,000. ​Fixed interest rate.​​​

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Online Shopping Credit

​​​​​​Virtual credit for online shopping.

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Sanlam Reality

​​​​​​Enjoy discounts on everyday lifestyle benefits.

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Estate Administration

Report and conclude a deceased estate online.

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Navigating life and all its decisions can sometimes be daunting. You can do it on your own if you want to, or you can rely on one of Sanlam’s expert financial advisers to ensure you get the right financial advice.

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Sanlam Continues to Perform Well Continues to Perform WellSanlam Continues to Perform WellSanlam Continues To Perform Well2023-11-16T22:00:00ZSanlam announced its operational update for the nine-months ended 30 September 2023, maintaining positive momentum across all businesses.GP0|#2d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2;L0|#02d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2|Media Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
How To Avoid A Nervous Breakdown To Avoid A Nervous BreakdownHow To Avoid A Nervous BreakdownHow To Avoid A Nervous Breakdown2023-11-14T22:00:00ZAlong with warmer weather, longer days, and the last push until the December holidays, we’re all feeling over-extended right now.GP0|#2d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2;L0|#02d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2|Media Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Debunking Prostate Cancer Myths Prostate Cancer MythsDebunking Prostate Cancer MythsDebunking Prostate Cancer Myths2023-11-12T22:00:00ZGP0|#2d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2;L0|#02d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2|Media Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Ready to Re-evaluate Your Medical Plan? to Re-evaluate Your Medical Plan?Ready to Re-evaluate Your Medical Plan?Ready to Re-evaluate Your Medical Plan?2023-11-08T22:00:00ZWith South Africans feeling cash-strapped and healthcare costs seemingly always on the rise, it’s critical to make the most of medical aid.GP0|#56cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006;L0|#056cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006|Expert Opinions;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Make Healthy Habits a Priority Early On Healthy Habits a Priority Early OnMake Healthy Habits a Priority Early OnMake Healthy Habits a Priority Early On2023-08-03T22:00:00ZSanlam urges young South Africans to prioritise their health by forming good habits, considering cover, and accessing the care they need.GP0|#56cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006;L0|#056cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006|Expert Opinions;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Sanlam Health's Acquisition of Afrocentric Health's Acquisition of AfrocentricSanlam Health's Acquisition of AfrocentricSanlam Health's Acquisition of Afrocentric2023-08-03T22:00:00ZAcquiring AfroCentric means we now offer a sliding scale of private healthcare options – from entry-level insurance to complete medical aid.GP0|#56cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006;L0|#056cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006|Expert Opinions;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Bored With the Wellness Trend? With the Wellness Trend?2023-09-05T22:00:00ZGP0|#b2a30e37-819c-4311-82da-dfcba51f7e7f;L0|#0b2a30e37-819c-4311-82da-dfcba51f7e7f|Blog;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Stay Safe Online Safe Online2023-09-05T22:00:00ZGP0|#b2a30e37-819c-4311-82da-dfcba51f7e7f;L0|#0b2a30e37-819c-4311-82da-dfcba51f7e7f|Blog;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
End the Juggle-struggle the Juggle-struggle2023-08-15T22:00:00ZGP0|#b2a30e37-819c-4311-82da-dfcba51f7e7f;L0|#0b2a30e37-819c-4311-82da-dfcba51f7e7f|Blog;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8