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Our latest campaign showed South Africans that there’s a Wealthsmith™ in all of us if we choose to make the most of what we have. But what else is being a Wealthsmith™ about, and what are the qualities they possess?

“If you choose to make the most of what you have, there’s a Wealthsmith™ in you”


A Wealthsmith™ never gives up

Wealthsmiths™ have a roll-up-your-sleeves readiness and deep-rooted determination. Whether they’re training for a marathon or learning a new language, they recognise the effort it takes to reach their goals so they persist, perfect and never settle.


A Wealthsmith™ is solid and sensible

What matters to them is how they think, not what others think of them. They choose functional over fancy any day and aren’t bothered with keeping up appearances. They’re the ones using solar panels, car-pooling to work or choosing two wheels instead of four. The influence of their decisions benefits the environment, their pockets and people around them.


A Wealthsmith™ does things very, very well

There are no shortcuts or stones left unturned. They’re methodical and cautious and that’s what makes them masters in their craft. They do and redo and do again. They may buy a house, but they’ll turn it into a home. They put in the extra hours to study for the marks that matter and will only stop when they’re satisfied that they’ve given their best effort.


A Wealthsmith™ does it for good

A Wealthsmith™ makes a real and positive difference. They actively choose to make life better for themselves and those around them. Whether it’s voting, standing up for what they believe in or recycling their waste, they know that their actions, and the example they set, are important tools to get to where they want to be.


A Wealthsmith™ knows the true definition of wealth

They have a good relationship with money and that means they understand the value of every rand. Wealthsmiths™ know what they spend on, and how to spend without being wasteful. Their long term needs are more important than their immediate ones so they don’t let their emotions get in the way of good financial decisions. At the end of the day they still know that how much money they make will never be the sole measure of their success. It’s the decision to live their best possible life every day and choose to make the most of what they have.

Want to bring out the Wealthsmith™ in you? Call us on 0860 22 33 90 or find your closest BlueStar adviser.



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