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Sanlam for  Professionals and Graduates

As a professional or graduate, Sanlam offers you:

  • Insurance and retirement solutions designed for you
  • Built-in Wealth Bonus® and exclusive access to Wealth Bonus® Booster
  • Preferential rates, choice and flexibility
  • Lifestyle benefits
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Earn Wealth Bonus and more with Wealth Bonus Booster

We know that, as a professional or graduate, you have invested time, money and energy to grow your knowledge, skills and expertise. So, while your financial partner helps you to create wealth over time and protect you and your loved ones when the unexpected happens, it’s also important that they reward you for making the right financial decisions.

Now, when you choose both our qualifying* insurance and retirement solutions that you will also get exclusive access to Wealth Bonus Booster which means more value and rewards to look forward to. Sanlam for Professionals and Graduates. Now with Wealth Bonus Booster which gives you even more.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Get financial peace of mind despite life’s uncertainties with Sanlam’s Premier insurance solutions for Professionals and Graduates. We can help relieve the financial burden if you pass away or can no longer earn an income due to injury, illness or disability.

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Our Sickness Income benefit enables you to earn an income if you’re booked off sick and cannot work – which is ideal if you’re self-employed. It pays out for certain lifestyle-changing disabilities and illnesses, even if you can still work, and offers continued cover if you go on sabbatical, maternity leave or travel overseas. Our Hospital Protector benefit provides extra peace of mind after a hospital stay.

Our disability cover includes various market-first features like Extended Occupational Disability Cover while on a sabbatical or unpaid maternity leave, and Temporary Incapacity Cover that protects you against the risk of health events that will render you unable to work for an extended period.

The Elite Disability benefit is the most comprehensive lump-sum disability cover available and offers you features like boosted payouts, built-in child cover, and a prosthesis booster – a first in the market.

You can add our Cashback benefit to ensure you get even more value from your cover, whether or not you need to claim.

These benefits will help to ensure you’re covered against accidental death and disability, if you have health challenges that may disqualify you from taking out normal insurance.

Cover for serious illnesses including cancer, cardiovascular disease and more.

Our insurance benefits provide whole-of-life options, so you can stay covered into your retirement.

If you’re married or have children, you can cover your loved ones against serious illness or injury and protect yourself against the financial impact. You can also add funeral cover for extended family members to your policy.

Get peace of mind that lifestyle changes won’t affect the terms of your cover. So, you don’t need to inform us if you’ve started smoking or have changed jobs. We provide premium guarantees, even for whole-of-life. And if you choose the Sanlam Protector Umbrella Trust, and suffer from an illness like dementia at the time of a claim, we’ll ensure that any income payout is used to benefit you.

If you buy qualifying cover from the exclusive Sanlam for Professionals and Graduates range, you’ll automatically have access to Wealth Bonus Booster.


It’s never too early to start saving for retirement. Sanlam’s Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan enables professionals like you to start your retirement planning early and benefit from a higher Wealth Bonus over a longer term, so that you can look forward to retiring with confidence.

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You can make payments once a month or more and make one-off payments to your investment.

With a retirement annuity, your investment term will typically be until you retire, or from age 55.

You automatically qualify for Wealth Bonus as a benefit on your retirement plan.

You can access the unique investment opportunities through Sanlam’s flagship fund ranges at lower fees.

A fund for every investment need

Our investment funds offer exceptional value for money without compromising performance. We have options for every type of investor, active or passive, which we can provide due to our economies of scale.

Investment options:

1. Cost-effective investment strategies

The options in this passive fund range allow you to access major investment markets with a total cost that is fixed and among the lowest of local passive finds.

2. Global market access

The new and unique Satrix Global Wealth Builder fund gives you 100% global equity exposure to all the major international asset classes at a competitive fee.

3. Protection option

The Satrix Smooth Growth fund offers a 100% guarantee on capital as well as exposure to growth assets, with reduced short-term volatility.

You can add a retirement goal to help you keep track of your investment progress.

  • Define your goal and include other retirement savings for a holistic picture
  • Request a progress report at any time to make sure you’re on track
  • Once a year, we’ll review your progress and give you advice to help you stay on track to reach your retirement goal

Wealth Bonus is added to boost your retirement

With Wealth Bonus, you can clearly see how the value of your retirement savings grows, giving you a more compelling reason to continue your retirement saving plan.

If you have the Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan and Sanlam’s Premier insurance solutions for Professionals, you qualify for Wealth Bonus Booster to earn even more.

Wealth Bonus in action

More than R660 million in Wealth Bonus paid to-date. Professionals and graduates qualify for a higher Wealth Bonus over longer terms.

Wealth Bonus Booster gives you more when you look after both your retirement savings and life insurance.

More value with Wealth Bonus

Sanlam’s wide range of comprehensive insurance and savings products aims to help you ensure your financial responsibilities are taken care of, even when you’re no longer able to do it yourself. New qualifying solutions also automatically come with Wealth Bonus.

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Let your hard-earned money work for you. Talk to us about making the most of your Wealth Bonus.

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