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Conspicuous Saving Conspicuous Saving

What if we saved as conspicuously as we spent?

This July, South Africa's king and queen of bling saved money as conspicuously as they usually spend it

As part of a Sanlam National Savings Month experiment, we challenged celebrities Pearl Thusi and Cassper Nyovest to twist their VIP lifestyles. They traded evident spending for noticeable saving to encourage South Africans to live within their means, proving you can bring it without breaking the bank!

How we see others spending can affect how we save. We are bombarded with images of conspicuous spending daily. The truth is, few of us can afford the glamorous lifestyles full of stylish swag we see projected in every newspaper, magazine, social feed and movie. But we still try. If we live beyond our means, we’ll never have enough money to really afford the lifestyle we aspire to. As Wealthsmiths™ we believe that it’s important to make saving a priority so you can turn your income into sustainable wealth. After all, it's not what you have, it's what you do with it that counts.

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Watch the documentary to see how things went down or visit our blog to learn more about the psychology behind #ConspicuousSpending.

From Mr Big Spender to Mr Big Saver

Hip hop heavyweight, Cassper Nyovest, knows all that glitters isn't gold. Behind the Bentley, the Rolex and the street swag is a long journey paved with hard work and dedication.

Cassper took to social media during July to show South Africa smart ways to save:

From Ms Bling to Ms Budget

Presenter, model, actress and MC. Pearl Thusi's a dedicated career woman who balances demanding schedules with 4 hours sleep. Beyond the fab outfits and perfect pouts is a single mum who’s driven and devoted. She doesn’t rely on money to show that she’s got what it takes to be successful. To prove this, she shocked the fashion world by appearing on the front page of the iconic Cosmo magazine in a hessian sack.

Here’s how Pearl showed off her savvy saving habits in July on social media:

The psychology behind #ConspicuousSpending

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Causing a Media Stir
Pearl and Cassper's unusual spending behaviour caught the attention of the media, here's how the press responded.

Why Cassper is keeping his coins: 'A lot of young talent go broke trying to act rich’

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Living the message of #ConspicuousSaving

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Being frugal ‘should have its own bragging rights’

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Cassper’s Big $penda makes real cents

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