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Live With Confidence Chat With Our Confidence Coach Jose Mourinho | Sanlam


It all starts with a plan. If you know what you want from life, we've got financial solutions that'll help you achieve it.

Protect what’s important

Get an insurance solution that protects your greatest asset – your ability to earn. Protect your monthly income in the event of illness or injury.

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Financial Planning
Seek expert financial advice

Connect with a qualified financial adviser to guide you on the right path when making important financial decisions.

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Compound Interest
Invest in your future

Put your money to work with compound interest. Start today with Sanlam Smart Invest.

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Save for retirement

If you want to stop working one day, work on saving today. We’ll help you with a Sanlam Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan.

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Live with confidence financial education segment

Let’s chat
financial confidence

Navigating life and all its decisions can sometimes be daunting, but we believe that education is key to building financial confidence. Catch the new Live with Confidence Financial Education Segment on eTV where we’ll bring in the experts to help you build yours. From investing and retirement to festive season spending and saving tips.

Tune in to The Morning Show on eTV every Friday at 7.20am for tips that will help you manage your money with confidence.

Episode 1: Money, Kids, Family

In episode 1, Head of Brand at Sanlam, Mariska Oosthuizen, weighs in on just how important it is that kids build their financial confidence from a young age. That’s where the Sanlam Savings Jar comes in, which helps kids to form (and keep) those good money habits together with their parents. Find out more.


We’ll help you build your
financial confidence

Make sure you are prepared for life’s challenges and opportunities. Take this five-minute quiz to find out where you are and how we’ll help you get to where you want to be.

Money Meetups

Financial confidence
starts here

Discover your financial confidence today. Match with a financial adviser that not only understands your goals, but shares your interests too.

Your Confidence Rulebook

These notes are a summary of your chat with Jose and the confidence rules you covered. Click on the cover to open your book.

Chat with our Confidence Coach

Talk one-on-one with Jose Mourinho on Facebook Messenger to get advice on setting goals, facing tough choices and tackling life’s curveballs with confidence. The takeaway? Your very own Confidence Rulebook.

Head to Facebook and hit the “Send Message” button to start your chat.

Live with confidence is more than a new motto.
It's our promise to you

It guides everything we do. Every decision we make. It’s a promise to do all we can to empower you to live with the kind of confidence that makes a real and lasting difference. Financial confidence. We’re here to help you achieve it.