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About Money MeetUps

We get it. Talking about money is personal. And talking to a complete stranger about money? Well, that can be downright intimidating. The truth is, financial advice is about building a relationship with someone that can help you with even the most unique challenges, big or small. Someone that’s here to make your life better, not more stressful. This is why we are creating a video series to show another side to the financial planning. And we’re helping you match with a financial planner of your own that not only understands your financial goals, but shares your personal interests too.

Episode 1

Talking money matters can be a walk in the park

Peter’s a 28 year-old tech entrepreneur and coder with some crazy big plans. He’s so busy making money and growing his businesses, that he hasn’t stopped to think how to make his money work for him. We took him on an early morning walk in the forest to chat about ways to secure his future.

Talking money matters can be a walk in the park


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