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Wills, Trusts and Estates

As a leading trust company in South Africa, Sanlam Trust offers expert management of deceased solvent estates and living and testamentary trusts.

We will help you draft your will and trust deed; store your will safely and act as executor of your estate and trustee of your trust.

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Willshttp://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/Pages/wills.aspxWillsSanlam Trust provides professional advice on drafting wills in South Africa. We also provide financial peace of mind when planning your estate’s distribution.A will gives details of how you want your assets to be distributed after you die. It represents peace of mind.http://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/wills_card_image.jpg, /personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/wills_card_image.jpg
Online Willhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/Pages/online-will.aspxOnline WillSanlam’s Online Will is simple and straightforward. Complete the online form to generate your will, and return the original signed copy to our head office.If you require a straightforward will, our online will is exactly what you need. It is easy to complete.http://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/online_wills_card.jpg, /personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/online_wills_card.jpg
Trustshttp://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/Pages/trusts.aspxTrustsEnsure that your assets are well preserved and efficiently managed with a trust from Sanlam. Our trusts include family inter vivos and testamentary trusts.A trust offers an efficient way of ensuring that your assets are preserved and managed by the right people.http://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/trusts_card.jpg, /personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/trusts_card.jpg
Guardian Trusthttp://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/Pages/guardian-trust.aspxGuardian TrustYou can safeguard all policy proceeds for your children with a guardian trust from Sanlam. You’re welcome to enquire online or contact us on 0860 726 526.Get peace of mind that your children will be the beneficiaries of your life policy proceeds in the way you intended.http://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/guardian_trust.jpg, /personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/guardian_trust.jpg
Beneficiary Fundhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/Pages/beneficiary-fund.aspxBeneficiary FundRequest a Sanlam Trust Beneficiary Fund on behalf of your minor children to allow the transfer of benefits in the event of death of a retirement fund member.If you are the parent of a minor, a beneficiary fund is definitely worth factoring into your financial planning.http://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/beneficiary_fund.jpg, /personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/beneficiary_fund.jpg
Estate Administrationhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/Pages/estate-administration.aspxEstate AdministrationSanlam provides assistance in the process of estate administration and winding up the affairs of the deceased. Enquire online or contact us on 0860 726 526.In the unfortunate event of a loved one passing away, the details of their estate need to be processed properly.http://www.sanlam.co.za/personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/estate_admin_card.jpg, /personal/financialplanning/willstrustsestates/PublishingImages/estate_admin_card.jpg

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