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Wealth Bonus from Sanlam

Sanlam’s flagship products now come with built-in Wealth Bonus®. The same quality solutions that help you prepare financially, now create extra wealth for you. So the more you invest in you, the more we invest in you.

ABOUT wealth bonus

What is Wealth Bonus?

Our flagship products come with a built-in, wealth-building benefit, collected in your portfolio.

Wealth Bonus rewards contribute to your wealth in different ways. Wealth Bonus tracks the market to grow with compounding returns, like a real investment. Along the way, some products reward you with regular payouts. Others mature with the product to give you a retirement boost. Our quick calculator shows how products could help you to create wealth.

The projected Wealth Bonus is based on average assumptions. This projection is not guaranteed and should not be seen as an accurate forecast in any sense. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. When the economy is underperforming, investment returns are likely to be low. Be wary of buying any financial product based on a forecast or illustration. These are the assumptions we make, per product, to calculate the projected value of your Wealth Bonus. The retirement plan projection assumes a retirement age of 60 and an annual payment increase of 5%. The Wealth Bonus projection assumes a growth rate of 4.5%. The endowment projection assumes that the fund growth will track the Sanlam Investment Management Balanced Fund with an assumed investment return of 5.5%, over an investment term of 15 years. Wealth Bonus projections for risk products assumes a growth rate of 4.5% per annum. The actual growth rate will be based on market related interest. It also assumes that premiums increase by 6% annually and that no available funds are withdrawn until age 70. Wealth Bonus projections for the funeral cover assumes a growth rate of 4.5% per annum. The actual growth rate will be based on market related interest. It also assumes that premiums increase by 5% annually after 1 year and that no available funds are withdrawn until age 70.
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Add more participating products to your Wealth Bonus portfolio. Boost your earnings with our partners.

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Our partners boost your earnings on qualifying products.

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Lifestyle Benefits

Get access to a set of lifestyle benefits

As a Sanlam client earning Wealth Bonus, you automatically enjoy discounts on lifestyle benefits.

Your free Wealth Bonus lifestyle benefits are managed by Sanlam Reality – the loyalty programme of the Sanlam Group and its partners, which rewards clients for taking care of their money.

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You can grow your Wealth Bonus by adding more participating products to your Sanlam Group portfolio. Each product you add means another product adding more money contributed to your Wealth Bonus every month. Over the years, these boosts to your Wealth Bonus compound to add even more value.

Different participating products pay out in different ways. Some products regularly unlock portions of their own contributions, plus any growth. Some products pay out unlocked money automatically. Other products leave unlocked money where it is so you can withdraw it later. The longer you leave it, the more time it has to grow with compound interest.

Whenever money unlocks, it becomes yours, permanently. No matter when or how much cash unlocks, it’s yours to do with as you please.

What you get out depends on what goes in. How much you get out of Wealth Bonus over time is affected by which products you buy, how long you have them for, and whether you withdraw money whenever it unlocks or leave it invested. Plus, because it works like an investment portfolio, market performance will also affect your Wealth Bonus returns.

The earlier you start your Wealth Bonus, the longer it will have to grow. For example, a 20-year-old who keeps a single life insurance policy until retirement could build up a Wealth Bonus of millions* by the time they retire.

*Product and profile dependent. Projected future value is based on average assumptions and not guaranteed.