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Earning Wealth Bonus

Your Dashboard shows you:

  • The current value of your Wealth Bonus (including locked and unlocked amounts)
  • The projected value of your Wealth Bonus (including all payouts)
  • The total paid out to date

This is how much your Wealth Bonus is worth today. Your current value includes all the contributions your product providers have made to your Wealth Bonus to date, plus growth (where applicable).

The current value displays in the Overview tab of your Dashboard and in the navigation bar.

The current value is made up of locked and unlocked portions.

  • Locked money is not yet available to you. At least some of this money will be lost if you cancel or lapse any of your products.
  • Unlocked money is available to you. If you don’t withdraw it, it will stay invested until you choose to withdraw it, or until you cancel or lapse the product.

The current value of your Wealth Bonus will change over time. If there are any changes to your Wealth Bonus portfolio it could affect the current value of your Wealth Bonus.

Your projected value is an estimate of all the money that will be paid out to you over time across all your Wealth Bonus benefits.

The projected value of your Wealth Bonus is not guaranteed*. When we work out this projection, we assume that:

  • You won’t cancel or lapse any of your contributing products until their final unlock date
  • You won’t change the amount that you pay for your contributing products (besides standard increases)
  • The products won’t change their contribution rules as they are at the time

There are additional product-specific assumptions that apply.

Any changes that you make to your Wealth Bonus portfolio could affect your projection.

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Projected future value is based on average assumptions and not guaranteed.

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Your Wealth Bonus portfolio is a bit like an investment portfolio. How much money you eventually get out of it depends on which contributing products you have, and how long you keep them for.

Most products base their contributions on your payments in some way, either as a percentage of your monthly payments, or with a once-off contribution whenever you reach certain milestones.

Your Wealth Bonus benefits aren’t savings accounts or investments, so you won’t be able to add your own ad hoc contributions to any of your Wealth Bonus benefits.

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