At Sanlam Corporate, we know that we live in a world that is constantly changing and that the ability to weather difficult times or take advantage of opportunities can be the difference between success and failure for both institutions and individuals.

We believe that a support system is essential to protect our clients from the unexpected and to identify opportunities for growth even when times are tough. Which is why we aim to partner with our clients to provide that support system to enable their financial resilience.

Sanlam Corporate | Digital solutions

Sanlam Corporate’s online portals are powerful financial planning tools that helps you take charge of your retirement journey and build financial resilience. What`s more, they are incredibly easy to use.

Managing Your Risk & Retirement

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At Sanlam Corporate, we tap into 100 years of expertise and South Africa's broadest set of employee benefits and healthcare capabilities to find solutions to clients’ crucial 'what if' questions

  • What if? It's a powerful question. In the same breath it challenges the status quo and anticipates future possibilities.
  • 'What if' your retirement fund was able to harness leading edge technology to save you time, money and effort?
  • 'What if' your consultants could engage with and influence your employees to make better financial decisions?
  • 'What if' your employees became more productive because they were in better control of their health and finances?
  • 'What if' you have a partner who looks at things a little differently? A partner who helps you to explore how advice, retirement funding, insurance and healthcare can transform people’s lives? A fully empowered partner with Africa’s largest insurance footprint?
  • Anticipating 'What ifs' that impact your ability to be financially resilient is easy; finding the right solutions is much harder.
  • At Sanlam Corporate, we tap into 100 years of expertise and South Africa’s broadest set of employee benefits and healthcare capabilities to find solutions to clients’ crucial 'what if' questions.

Retirement Fund Solutions

  • Umbrella Fund
  • Retirement Benefits Counselling
  • Salaried Financial Advice
  • Unclaimed Benefits Fund
  • Preservation Fund
  • Beneficiary Fund
  • Annuities


  • Guaranteed Life and Living Annuities
  • Post-retirement Medical Aid Solutions
  • Customised Investment Strategies
  • Passive Investment Solutions
  • Liability Driven Investments
  • Guaranteed Investments
  • Life Pooled Investments


  • Employee Assistance Programmes
  • Closed Scheme Administration
  • Wellness / On-site Clinics
  • Primary Health Insurance
  • Occupational Health
  • Medical Aid
  • Gap Cover

Risk Insurance

  • Flexible Life Insurance
  • Funeral Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Income and Top-up Disability Insurance
  • Severe Illness Insurance
  • Lump Sum Disability Insurance
  • Education Protection Insurance
  • Medical Aid Waiver

FinTech Platforms

  • Investment Pricing
  • Pensioner Administration
  • Investment Administration
  • Retirement Fund Administration
  • 3rd Party Umbrella Fund Administration
  • Member Engagement
  • Reality Loyalty Programme

Consulting and Advice

  • Benefit Design
  • Investment Consulting
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Actuarial Services
  • Individual Financial Advice
  • Targeted Fund Communication
  • Review of existing Fund Structures

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