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Wealth Bonus

Level up with every participating product you add to your portfolio.


Qualifying Wealth Bonus products

Each product contributes to your Wealth Bonus in different ways.

Life Insurance

If you have dependants, you need peace of mind that they will have the financial security they deserve in the event of your death.

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Disability Cover

Disability as a result of illness or injury may mean that you can never work again. This cover ensures that your bills are paid despite the loss of income.

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Income Protection

Illness, injury or disability could result in long-term loss of income. Be assured that you can maintain your lifestyle with the right protection.

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Severe Illness Cover

Living with a serious illness can be a huge financial burden. Get peace of mind that you will be able to cover your extra expenses.

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Funeral Cover

Give your loved ones a dignified funeral without added financial pressure on you and your family during this difficult time.

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Money Saver Card

The credit card that helps you to save up to 5% of your spend.

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Retirement Plan

Ensure a comfortable retirement with our range of plans and funds.

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Retirement Preservation Fund

Continue growing your retirement fund when you change jobs.

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Endowment Plan

A tax-efficient investment solution that offers special advantages provide you with more certainty regarding your investments.

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Sanlam Personal Loans

Whether you need money for unexpected expenses, a medical emergency, or to fund a specific project, Sanlam can offer you a fixed interest rate personal loan according to your needs and circumstances.

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Product combinations

Our partners boost your earnings on qualifying products.

MTN customers get extra Wealth Bonus

Take out any Sanlam Indie policy with your MTN number and get 10% of each monthly contribution.

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Bonitas members get a 15% boost

Bonitas main members who take up a Sanlam Matrix Premier Insurance solution with Wealth Bonus get a Wealth Bonus boost of 15%.

Bonitas members get a 15% boost

Bonitas main member with a Sanlam Indie policy, get an extra 10% added to their Wealth Bonus each month.

Fedhealth members get a 15% boost

Take out any Fedhealth medical plan to boost your monthly Sanlam Matrix Premier insurance Wealth Bonus contributions by 15%.

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Earn Wealth Bonus

Speak to one of our financial advisers to find a product that suits your needs.