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Financial Planners

Sanlam’s unit for financial planners, Sanlam Financial Advisers (SFA), aims to provide clients in various market segments with professional financial advice and planning via a team of professionally accredited and passionate individuals.

Why BlueStar Financial Advisory Service?

The BlueStar business model gives you the ability to start your own business or reposition your existing financial planning practice with an established corporation as your partner.

Sanlam will equip you with financial planning skills, as well as the necessary business skills. This will allow you to optimise the potential of your business through strategic business partnerships.

Benefits of Working under the Sanlam Brand

  • Sanlam is the second largest financial services company in South Africa
  • The company’s share price has grown significantly and consistently since its listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, demonstrating shareholders’ confidence in the company’s future.
  • For more than 96 years Sanlam has been helping South Africans create wealth by providing expert financial advice and effective financial solutions
  • Sanlam “lives” its corporate citizenship and is committed to good old-fashioned hard work

Become a BlueStar Principal Planner

  • Sanlam runs a 24-month training programme for financial planners to equip them with the necessary skills and acumen to run a successful business
  • The principal planner and other professionals conduct their business under the Sanlam FSP licence
  • The principal planner may take on associates to grow the business. The associates work for the principal and not for Sanlam.
  • The BlueStar business model is aimed at the salaried and affluent market segments
  • A BlueStar business consists of a professional and an administrative division. The administrative divison is based in a legal entity.
  • The principal member of the professional business must have a shareholding of at least 51% in the administrative business, with the other 49% held by other approved stakeholders. No advice may be given by the administrative business.

Benefits for a BlueStar Principal Planner

  • This model allows a commission split between the principal and the legal entity which enables the business to receive a pre-taxed income.
  • The legal entity is branded as a separate business under the Sanlam name.
  • Each BlueStar business develops its own client value proposition ensuring the business is able to deliver on its service promise.

Become a BlueStar Planner

Sanlam can help you build a sustainable financial planning business that offers long term growth.

Benefits for a BlueStar Planner


  • We place strong emphasis on the development of our financial planners, which is evidenced by the career progression and success of our financial planners over the years

Remuneration and reward:

  • We offer a variety of contracts ranging from an employee contract (up to 85% of broker commission with added benefits) to a contract with maximum allowed broker commission
  • The philosophy underpinning our remuneration structures is to reward financial planners through a high-performance culture, i.e. the percentage of maximum commission payable is determined by a financial planner’s productivity level and quality of advice

Working environment:

  • Sanlam Financial Advisers (SFA), Sanlam’s unit for financial planners, has created a family-oriented environment characterised by cohesion, mutual support and the flexibility that enables our financial planners to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Our specialised organisational structure ensures that our financial planners receive support based on their needs during specific stages of their career
  • Based on the profile of the financial planner’s client portfolio, the planner will be supported by a:
    • Market Specialist
    • Worksite Specialist
    • Sales Consultant
    • Development Manager
    • BlueStar Consultant

Development and Career Progression:

  • People development is a key factor in our success to date. We offer financial planners several career and business options

Recruitment, Selection and Vesting:

  • Our recruitment and selection process is complemented by an intensive vesting process, which includes a structured training programme for all new recruits

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