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Actuarial Training Programme

Become a Sanlam apprentice and learn the tools of the trade with the Actuarial Training Programme. The core outcome of this programme is to develop a pipeline of qualified actuarial professionals.

The programme will help you get familiar with how Sanlam’s products and systems work. You will then be exposed to more technical positions like actuarial reporting, risk and capital management, and product management. Your actuarial exam results combined with your job performance will determine how quickly you progress in the Sanlam Group.

How is it different?

  • Continued support and payment towards actuarial board exams
  • Access to comprehensive study support and study leave
  • A range of work opportunities across a broad spectrum of disciplines
  • Mentoring and academic support from Sanlam actuarial professionals
  • Networking opportunities with graduates and young professionals across the Sanlam Group

How do you benefit?

Sanlam provides you with exposure to a wide range of actuarial work opportunities within one company. We will develop and grow your technical, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, within a culture of collaboration and professionalism. You will benefit from making a meaningful contribution by being a true business partner.

Who are we looking for?

If you are a team player with strong analytical abilities, integrity and good interpersonal and written communication skills, then we’re looking for you.

The following key criteria must be met:

South African citizen

A Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science

Must qualify for exemptions of at least six (6) actuarial examinations by the time you graduate

Strong computer skills with above-average Microsoft Office skills

Applications for 2023

If you are a logical, rational thinker with a strong analytical ability, then apply today. Actuarial training opportunities are available for Sanlam Personal Finance Actuarial team.

Applications close on 31st July 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Only online applications will be accepted.

Who can apply?

Final undergraduate and honours year students with no previous work experience.

If my application is successful, when do I start working?

The programme start date is 1 February 2023.

Where are the Sanlam graduate positions based?

The positions are based in Cape Town. Should you need to relocate, Sanlam offers assistance with relocation.

What is the closing date for applications?

31 July 2022.

Can I apply if I am a foreign national?

Only South African citizens may apply.

Are all the positions on the programme permanent?

No they are not but we do aim to retain all the graduates who have successfully completed the programme.

I am not a recent graduate, can I still apply?

The Graduate Leadership Programme is designed for graduates with no permanent work experience. For positions requiring more experience, please visit

The Sanlam Commitment

Sanlam is built on a respect and appreciation for people. This is why we give each and every employee the opportunity to make the most of who they are and reward them for what they’re worth.

There are many reasons why Sanlam is a great place to work and most of them fall under these six pillars: Reputation, Leadership, Reward, Growth, Balance and Connectivity.

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