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How to be a business owner of good standing
Is your last Will and Testament kept in a safe place and do your partner and loved ones know where it is?
Disciplining an employee after resignation
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Work performance and sales targets
Living the dream
Calculate the value of existing and new clients
Methods to create leads for your business
Marketing tips that may be implemented immediately
Pactum successorium – what is it?
Deductions for damage caused
How to improve your profit margin
Inadequate fiscal tax consolidation amidst weaker growth prospects
Conditional Contracts of employment
Sowing the seeds of success
What people really buy
So, you think you have a Trust?
Recording of Conversations
What can you do to be more professional in business?
The concerning message in sovereign debt rating downgrades
Relying on written statements in a disciplinary hearing
Continuous improvement in business
What is the point of your Buy-and-Sell policy?
What an employer should do in case of national protest action
Easy healthcare appointments using high tech
Improve turnover by increasing the monetary value of sales
Employing and dismissing foreigners
The tax structure should be aligned with the growth objective
How to create the best possible quotation
What to do about loans to a trust
Top challenges and trends in the SA SME economy
Plea bargain arrangements in disciplinary cases
The age of the app: how small business owners can earn time
Software, accountancy, and South African business
SA profits and productivity: How apps can boost your business
Improve the strike rate
Fish where the fish are
Work ON and not IN your business
Globalisation outplayed?
Dismissed for remaining silent



Disciplining an employee after resignationDisciplining an employee after resignation, /businessblog/PublishingImages/DiscipliningEmployee_ArticleBlogBanner.jpg2/5/2018 1:58:04 PM080668aspx2210 legal terms, resignation is a so-called ‘unilateral’ act. But what happens if the employee resigns in the face of a pending disciplinary process? May the employer, for example, proceed with disciplinary action against an employee who has resigned?
Is your last Will and Testament kept in a safe place and do your partner and loved ones know where it is?Is your last Will and Testament kept in a safe place and do your partner and loved ones know where it is?, /businessblog/PublishingImages/SafeWill_ArticleBlogBanner.jpg2/13/2018 8:21:42 AM05839aspx688 recommend that you keep the original Will in a lock-up safe or a safe-deposit box at least. A photocopy of a Will is not acceptable; the original must be filed with the Master of the High Court after the person passes away.

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