Your AI powered Credit Coach | Credit Coach
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creditcoach Your AI powered Credit Coach | Credit Coach

Your AI powered Credit Coach (Beta)

Explore our AI Credit Coach, South Africa's pioneering tool in AI-driven financial guidance.

This innovative solution aims to truly democratise access to financial guidance. It offers personalised coaching in various aspects of credit management, from understanding your credit score to exploring loan eligibility and improving your financial standing. Crafted with Sanlam's financial expertise and powered by real-world credit data, it's a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their financial literacy.

Available around the clock and completely free, the AI Credit Coach is designed for ease of use, regardless of your financial background. Whether you're taking your first steps in managing finances or looking to refine your credit strategies, our AI advisor is here to transform your financial journey with confidence and clarity.

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BETA version

As we roll out South Africa's innovative AI Credit Coach, a first-of-its-kind tool crafted to democratise financial guidance, we wish to highlight that this platform is currently in its Beta stage.

This means that while it provides personalised coaching to help you understand and improve your credit score, explore loan eligibility, and enhance your financial literacy, it's important to remember that it will continuously be refined. Despite being built on Sanlam's deep financial expertise and powered by extensive real-world credit data, the Credit Coach may not be perfect and could potentially make mistakes. We are actively working on enhancing its accuracy and reliability. As we continue to improve this tool, we encourage users to exercise due diligence and verify any critical information independently.