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Sanlam Finance Assistance

Get finance assistance of up to R200 000 at a fixed interest rate

Life has a habit of throwing you curveballs, and you might find yourself in a position where getting finance assistance is the most sensible thing to do. When approached in a responsible and honest way, finance assistance can play a vital role in the creation of your wealth – as long as you always do business with reliable and trustworthy people.

Sanlam Personal Loans Pty Ltd can assist Sanlam clients with finance assistance of up to R200 000. Whether you need money for unexpected expenses, a medical emergency, or to fund a specific project, Sanlam can offer you a fixed rate personal loan that’s tailored to suit your needs and circumstances.

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How Sanlam Finance Assistance work.


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How Sanlam's Finance Assistance Works

  • You can apply for any amount from R5 000 to R200 000 – in increments of R1 000
  • You can tailor your repayment term to suit your budget (from 24 months to 6 years)
  • Repayments are fixed for your full financing term, so that you can plan ahead
  • Sanlam will always take your current financial circumstances into consideration and never provide more finance assistance than you can comfortably afford to repay

Calculate Your Monthly Repayment

For illustration purposes the repayment amount shown is calculated at an interest rate of 25% per annum, an initiation fee of R1 197 and a monthly service fee of R68.40. Also included is a monthly premium for the Personal Protection Plan of R3.50 per thousand. A referral fee will be paid to your intermediary, however this fee will not be added to your finance cost, nor will it affect your repayment amount.
R5 000 - R200 000

The template style selected is

Monthly Service Fee
% - %
Interest Rates
Monthly Repayment

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for any amount from R5 000 to R200 000, in increments of R1 000.

If I'm approved, how soon will I get my money?

With Sanlam's finance assistance solution, your chosen amount will be deposited quickly and directly into your bank account.

Do I need to provide any documents?

When applying for finance assistance, you will need to provide the following:

  • A copy of your green barcoded ID book or Smart ID card
  • Your last 3 months' consecutive pay slips or bank statements
  • Details for the bank account into which your salary is paid

Do I have to provide collateral to secure my finance assistance?

No, you don't – Sanlam finance assistance is unsecured.

Do I need to obtain permission from my spouse in order to apply for finance assistance?

If you are married in community of property or under customary or foreign law, you will require consent from your spouse to enter into any credit agreement.

Can I be refused finance assistance?

Sanlam will always do its best to accommodate your requests, but ultimately your final finance assistance amount will be determined based on your personal financial profile and is subject to credit approval.

I'm a South African citizen but I don't live here – can I still apply for finance assistance?

To qualify for finance assistance you have to both work and live in South Africa.

Can I use my finance assistance amount as I choose?

The money is yours to spend as you see fit.

What are the finance assistance repayment terms?

Repayment terms range from 24 months to 6 years (72 months), and based on the finance assistance options table below.

Loan Amount R5 000
24 Months R381
Total amount repayable R9 140
36 Months R305
Total amount repayable R10 971
48 Months R268
Total amount repayable R12 861
60 Months R247
Total amount repayable R14 807
Loan Amount R20 000
24 Months R1 279
Total amount repayable R30 706
36 Months R992
Total amount repayable R35 721
48 Months R853
Total amount repayable R40 958
60 Months R773
Total amount repayable R46 407
Loan Amount R40 000
24 Months R2 436
Total amount repayable R58 462
48 Months R1 877
Total amount repayable R67 574
60 Months R1 607
Total amount repayable R77 118
72 Months R1 451
Total amount repayable R87 075
72 Months R1 353
Total amount repayable R97 421
Loan Amount R60 000
24 Months R3 592
Total amount repayable R86 217
36 Months R2 762
Total amount repayable R99 427
48 Months R2 360
Total amount repayable R113 279
60 Months R2 129
Total amount repayable R127 744
72 Months R1 983
Total amount repayable R142 787
Loan Amount R80 000
24 Months R4 749
Total amount repayable R113 973
36 Months R3 647
Total amount repayable R131 281
48 Months R3 113
Total amount repayable R149 440
60 Months R2 807
Total amount repayable R168 412
72 Months R2 631
Total amount repayable R188 153
Loan Amount R100 000
24 Months R5 905
Total amount repayable R141 729
36 Months R4 531
Total amount repayable R163 134
48 Months R3 867
Total amount repayable R185 600
60 Months R3 485
Total amount repayable R209 081
72 Months R3 243
Total amount repayable R233 519

Will my repayments be affected by interest rate fluctuations?

No. The interest rate on your finance assistance will be fixed at our current interest rate for your full finance term. This means that your repayments will never increase, even if the interest rate goes up.

Can I choose how I make my repayments?

For your convenience, your repayments will be deducted by debit order from the bank account into which your salary is paid every month.

How can I protect my family from debt, should something happen to me?

Sanlam's finance assistance includes a Personal Protection Plan, which settles your outstanding finance balance in the event of your death, permanent disability or certain dread diseases. It also provides limited cover in the event of temporary disability and, should you be retrenched, a once-off payment equal to six installments will be paid out to you. Of course, you're free to substitute the plan with a policy of your choice, providing the cover offered is equivalent.

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You can request the following in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Sesotho or isiXhosa:

  • Finance Assistance agreements
    - Quotes and cost of credit documentation
    - Enforcement notices
  • Credit Life policy summaries
  • Marketing material

Finance Assistance agreements Terms and Conditions are available in English and Afrikaans.

Don't Become a Victim

The financial world attracts plenty of bad people looking to take advantage of good people like you. We urge you to constantly be on the lookout for suspicious emails and messages, and tread lightly around potential scam artists who claim to be affiliated with Sanlam. We assure you that Sanlam is in no way involved, and we therefore discourage you from responding to any fraudulent offers.

Before you open an email or SMS, always ensure that the sender is someone you trust and that you recognise the email address or phone number. Should you receive a loan offer, investment opportunity, or any piece of Sanlam communication that makes you feel uneasy, please contact our customer care team or report it to your local police station.

Loans are subject to the National Credit Act, No 34 of 2005.

Loans from Sanlam Personal Loans are administered and managed by DirectAxis, an authorised Financial Services Provider. *Sanlam Personal Loans (Pty) Ltd Reg. No. 2001/016316/07, Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP272), is a joint venture between Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd and Direct Axis SA (Pty) Ltd. Reg. No. 1995/06077/07.

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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