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We believe that a single rand is as important as every large multiple of it. That’s why we diligently focus on our trade of turning our clients money into meaning. So that everyone can live their best life possible, whether they’re blue collar, white collar or hate collars. In our experience, there are no short-cuts that don’t cut you short and when there is work to be done, it’s worth doing very, very well.

And while we want to do well, we also believe there’s never been a better time to do good. Because how much money we make will never be the sole measure of our success. These are the beliefs we’ll always adhere and aspire to. These are the values that make us Wealthsmiths™.

Our Campaigns

We are passionate about helping to build a better future for all South Africans. Here, you can view some of our most recent and popular advertising campaigns that demonstrate just that.

Money MeetUps

To show another side to financial planning, we created an online series that took financial planners out of the office and into the real world to talk life and money with a few brave clients.




The Sanlam Blog

Visit our blog to read about how simply looking at your finances differently can have great implications on the way you live your life. Our articles will help you stay inspired to want to grow your money and be financially prepared, no matter what tomorrow has in store.

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