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We believe that a single rand is as important as every large multiple of it. That’s why we diligently focus on our trade of turning our clients' money into meaning. So that everyone can live their best life possible, whether they’re blue collar, white collar or hate collars. In our experience, there are no short-cuts that don’t cut you short and when there is work to be done, it’s worth doing it very, very well.

And while we want to do well, we also believe there’s never been a better time to do good. Because how much money we make will never be the sole measure of our success. These are the beliefs we’ll always adhere and aspire to. These are the values that make us Wealthsmiths™.

Our Campaigns

We are passionate about helping to build a better future for all South Africans. Here, you can view some of our most recent and popular advertising campaigns that demonstrate just that.

Money MeetUps

To show another side to financial planning, we created an online series that took financial planners out of the office and into the real world to talk life and money with a few brave clients.




100 Years | Sanlamhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/100-years.aspx100 Years | SanlamFor the past 100 years, we’ve been building a better world knowing that others will inherit it.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/100Years-preview-banner.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/100Years-preview-banner.jpg
Value Of Timehttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/value-of-time.aspxValue Of TimeHow Sanlam introduced Gogo as a voice of wisdom for the things that really matter.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Value-of-time-Gogo_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Value-of-time-Gogo_preview.jpg
Money Meetupshttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/moneymeetups.aspxMoney Meetupshttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Money-meetups_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Money-meetups_preview.jpg
The Cost of Cancer | Sanlamhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/cost-of-cancer.aspxThe Cost of Cancer | Sanlamhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Cost-of-Cancer_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Cost-of-Cancer_preview.jpg
Conversations With Yourselfhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/conversations-with-yourself.aspxConversations With YourselfConversations with Yourself is a campaign that imagines a world where you can give yourself advice on life and money.Conversations With Yourselfhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Conversations-with-yourself_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Conversations-with-yourself_preview.jpg
Lives Of Gracehttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/lives-of-grace.aspxLives Of Gracehttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Lives-of-Grace_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Lives-of-Grace_preview.jpg
2-minute Shower Songs | Sanlamhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/two-minute-shower-songs.aspx2-minute Shower Songs | Sanlam2-Minute Shower Songs challenged SA’s biggest artists to sing to save water during the Cape Town drought.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/2-min-shower-songs_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/2-min-shower-songs_preview.jpg
The Mna Namhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/national-savings-month-2017.aspxThe Mna NamFor National Savings Month 2017, Sanlam partnered with Laduma Ngxokolo to create the Mna Nam – a fashion accessory that made saving as easy as spending.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Mna-Nam_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Mna-Nam_preview.jpg
Bold or Cautioushttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/bold-or-cautious.aspxBold or CautiousThere’s a time to be bold and a time to be cautious. Our campaign looks at how people in everyday scenarios are faced with the same decisions as we are.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Bold-or-cautious_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Bold-or-cautious_preview.jpg
Uk'shona Kwelangahttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/ukshona-kwelanga.aspxUk'shona Kwelangahttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Ukshona-Kwelange_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Ukshona-Kwelange_preview.jpg
Family Fortunehttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/family-fortune.aspxFamily FortuneTheir parents built it, will their kids spend it all? A thought-provoking campaign by Sanlam Private Wealth puts two family fortunes to the test to find out.Their parents built it, will their kids spend it all? A thought-provoking campaign by Sanlam Private Wealth puts two family fortunes to the test to find out. http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Family-Fortune_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Family-Fortune_preview.jpg
Effort is the new currencyhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/effort-is-the-new-currency.aspxEffort is the new currencyBeing a true Wealthsmith™ on special occasions, and the occasions in-between, is less about the money we spend and more about the effort we make. Find out how.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Effort-is-the-new-currency_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Effort-is-the-new-currency_preview.jpg
Budget Weekhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/budget-week.aspxBudget Weekhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Family-Budget-Week_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Family-Budget-Week_preview.jpg
There’s a Wealthsmith™ in Youhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/campaign.aspxThere’s a Wealthsmith™ in YouFor those willing to push themselves for a better life tomorrow, we believe there’s a Wealthsmith™ in you. Being a Wealthsmith™ is about taking what you have and making it grow to reach your financial goal. Have a look at our recent campaign.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Wealthsmith-Campaign_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Wealthsmith-Campaign_preview.jpg
Conspicuous Savinghttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/conspicuoussaving.aspxConspicuous SavingLocal celebrities Cassper Nyovest and Pearl Thusi took up the savings challenge during the Sanlam National Savings Month, trading their bling lifestyle for notable savings habits. Have a look at their experiences!http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Conspicuous-Savings_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Conspicuous-Savings_preview.jpg
Tax-Freehttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/taxfree.aspxTax-FreeTo demonstrate that you can get more when you save with Sanlam’s Tax-free Investments, we filmed people’s reactions when we gave them less than what they expected.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Tax-free-Investments_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Tax-free-Investments_preview.jpg
One Rand Familyhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/onerandfamily.aspxOne Rand FamilyFor National Savings Month, Sanlam raised awareness about the country’s debt problem and encourage people to save more. Watch the video of how our One Rand Family does it.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/One-Rand-Family_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/One-Rand-Family_preview.jpg
Hotstixhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/hotstix.aspxHotstixMusic legend Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse demonstrates the Wealthsmiths™ philosophy in our television commercial. Using 6 notes, he created the iconic melody for Burnout. A demonstration that it’s not what you have, but what you do with it that counts.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Hotstix_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Hotstix_preview.jpg
Life's momentshttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/lifesmoments.aspxLife's momentsAs Wealthsmiths™ we believe being prepared can make all the difference. We asked a few South African families to tell us their life-changing moments to show how Sanlam’s Family and Personal Insurance can help safeguard the future, whatever happens.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Lifes-Moments_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/Lifes-Moments_preview.jpg
One Rand Manhttp://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/Pages/one-rand-man.aspxOne Rand ManThe One Rand Man was a social experiment conducted by Sanlam in July 2014 to raise awareness during National Savings Month. We documented one man on his journey to reconnect with his money. Take a look.http://www.sanlam.co.za/wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/One-rand-man_preview.jpg, /wealthsmiths/PublishingImages/One-rand-man_preview.jpg

The Sanlam Blog

Visit our blog to read about how simply looking at your finances differently can have great implications on the way you live your life. Our articles will help you stay inspired to want to grow your money and be financially prepared, no matter what tomorrow has in store.

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