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Making work rewarding

We believe in a deeper reward that comes from a job well done and knowing that what you do makes a very real, tangible difference in the world.

Reward Principles

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Reward Principles

We have an ethos and appreciation for the commitment, diligence, care and attention that goes into being a Sanlam employee. This is why we reward exceptional performance and recognise excellence because it is our way of showing our people the respect they deserve. Sanlam follows a total rewards approach comprising remuneration (which includes a cash salary as well as short- and long-term incentives), benefits, learning and development, as well as an attractive work environment.

Our reward philosophy is based on the following globally-benchmarked principles.

  • We pay for performance and special incentives are created for superior performers.
  • We offer competitive remuneration.
  • We are fair and consistent in our reward approach

Remuneration and Benefits

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Remuneration and Benefits

We offer market and performance-based remuneration packages and benefits that aim to recognise individual need and effort.

Our Group benefits include:

  • Total Reward

    A Total Reward Statement offers employees a single and comprehensive view of their full remuneration and benefits value, updated monthly and accessible on a daily basis.

    Total Reward


  • Performance

    Performance bonuses are paid to outperforming employees when the Group performs well.



  • Long-term

    Senior staff members may also be offered Sanlam’s share scheme to encourage a commitment to the strategic, longer term view and therefore retention.



  • Flexibility

    To benefit the personal needs and life stage of our employees, Sanlam offers uniquely flexible reward processes and maximum tax-efficiency. Employees are also able to re-structure their packages annually.



  • Retirement

    All Sanlam employees belong to the Sanlam Staff Umbrella Funds (Pension and Provident Funds) to help prepare for retirement. The Funds are designed to offer maximum flexibility in a tax-efficient way. Sanlam contributes towards employees’ retirement to ensure that when their careers are over, they sustain their financial independence.



  • Comprehensive

    Sanlam offers preferential rates for life, disability, trauma and family cover as a key component of the Sanlam Staff Umbrella Fund.



  • Medical Aid

    Medical aid is a compulsory benefit. Sanlam offers employees the choice of three medical schemes, which collectively offer more than 30 different benefits options. Our schemes are supported by a holistic approach which is the Sanlam Wellness Programme, to identify risks and prevent disease. The programme looks at the physical and emotional health of employees.

    Medical Aid


Recognising excellence

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Recognising excellence

In addition to the Group benefits, Sanlam offers a Group-wide recognition programme called Applause. Applause caters for group and business specific awards which support business drivers and strategy. The most notable recognition awards being the Group Chief Executive awards. All awards recognise employees for living the Company’s values and puts the focus on not only what we do but also the way in which we do it.


All programmes are aimed to recognise those employees that contribute to our culture of creating a world worth living in and to help people live their
best possible life within it.