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Simeka Healthcare Insights



To vaccinate or not?
World Aids Day
COVID-19 benefits – ensure you get them!
Malaria – acute febrile illness and the latest COVID-19 update
Medical scheme cover versus insurance cover
Partnership against HIV/AIDS
Empower - Option changes on medicals schemes
Childhood Cancer Awareness
Healthcare Industry Newsletter – 2 of 2021
Rheumatic Heart Disease Awareness
Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)
The Gift of Time
Donating Blood
Healthcare Insight – World Blood Donor Day
Empower - Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)
World No Tobacco Day - 31 May
Healthcare Industry Newsletter – 1 of 2021
Empower – Gap Cover
What Does World Health Day Mean in Our World?
Empower – Medical Savings Accounts
Be Aware, Be Proactive – Detect Cancer Early
COVID-19: We’re Here to Support You
Diabetes – The Body’s Inept Use of Insulin
Stages of Breast Cancer and Its Treatments
“The Silent Crippler” – Osteoporosis Awareness
What Happens If You Get Sick Abroad?
Working From Home: Good, or Not So Good?
Resilient Women in Trying Times
The Focus on Mental Health
Medical Schemes Respond to COVID-19
Is Exercise Vital in Old Age?
Prostate Cancer Prevention and Detection
Understanding Drug Use and Addiction
Anti-Tobacco Campaign Month
Hypertension in the COVID-19 World
The History of an Ancient Disease (TB)
Wellness of Your Employees Remains Key during This Pandemic
COVID-19: How to Cope with your Mental Health During an Uncertain Time
The future of Low Cost Benefit Options
Comments on National Health Insurance Bill
NHI Bill developments
CMS Report 2018 – interesting facts



Medical Schemes Respond to COVID-19Medical Schemes Respond to COVID-19, /simekahealth/marketinsights/PublishingImages/medicalSchemesBanner.jpg10/28/2020 10:22:14 AM0111504aspx3948 of the open medical schemes in South Africa were quick to respond to the new challenges relating to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and its associated economic challenges due to the lockdown measures announced by Government.
COVID-19: How to Cope with your Mental Health During an Uncertain TimeCOVID-19: How to Cope with your Mental Health During an Uncertain Time, /simekahealth/marketinsights/PublishingImages/mentalHealthBanner.jpg4/9/2020 9:58:18 AM0451aspx2723 Africa entered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days from 26 March to 16 April.

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