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Simeka Health Market Insights Simeka Health Market Insights

Simeka Healthcare Insights

Simeka Healthcare Insights



Employee assistance program (EAP) engagement
Ideal healthcare for employers and employees
Lifestyle changes can impact healthcare costs
Our offerings benefit clients and members
Reflecting on healthcare industry trends
SA only starts healthcare provision at 40
Where have all the young men gone?
Why are there network options?
Choosing primary care insurance and gap cover
Medical schemes looking healthier after COVID
National Health Insurance (NHI)
Medical scheme vs health insurance
Mental health awareness
Gap in your medical scheme cover?
How do cancer benefits work?
Prescribed and chronic medicine benefits
NHI – Why, what, how and when
Who to contact when medical scheme assistance is required
The purpose and benefits of preventative testing
Changing your medical scheme plan
Flu Season
Stretching your healthcare rand during difficult financial times
Direct relation between health and insurance risk cost evident in practice
Medical aid cover after retirement
Navigating the hybrid paradox
The healthcare landscape: now and in the future
Holiday tips - Golden rules for happy holidays
Stretch your savings – boost your benefits
Is your medical scheme option optimal for you?
Prices are rising – but how do medical schemes determine their increases?
Co-payments – Teamwork and cooperation for better health
The National Department of Health responds to National Health Insurance Submissions
Regulatory developments
The effect of COVID-19 on medical schemes during 2021
How COVID-19 impacted corporate consulting
You have rights, but you also have responsibilities
Personal Preventive Healthcare
Pre-authorisation – The Ins and Outs
Chronic Conditions and Medical Scheme Plans
Health Screening Tests
2022 Budget Review
To vaccinate or not?
World Aids Day
COVID-19 benefits – ensure you get them!
Malaria – acute febrile illness and the latest COVID-19 update
Partnership against HIV/AIDS
Medical scheme cover versus insurance cover
Empower - Option changes on medicals schemes
Childhood Cancer Awareness
Healthcare Industry Newsletter – 2 of 2021



The Focus on Mental HealthThe Focus on Mental Health, /simekahealth/marketinsights/PublishingImages/focusMentalHealthBanner.jpg10/28/2020 10:17:13 AM050088aspx6356 regarded mental conditions as something separate from our overall health for too long and detached the mind from the body.
“The Silent Crippler” – Osteoporosis Awareness“The Silent Crippler” – Osteoporosis Awareness, /simekahealth/marketinsights/PublishingImages/banner-osteoporosis.jpg10/29/2020 7:35:19 AM050091aspx5813 weak bones could have an effect on our lives and we need to be aware of “the silent crippler”, osteoporosis.

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