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Amani Family Finance Plan

Amani Family Finance Plan is a funeral product that provides money for burial needs to immediate and extended family members.

It is very flexible and affordable, with a minimum premium of Tshs 9 900 per month, excluding the policy fee of Tshs 880.

Product Benefits

  • The premium starts at Tshs 9 900, excluding the policy fee.
  • There is no medical examination for any person covered under the policy.
  • This policy carries no HIV/aids exclusion.
  • On the death of a life assured or in the event of a claim being admitted under the disability waiver of premium benefit, the family members on the policy will continue to be covered until the day the life assured, would have reached age 66.
  • After age 50 but before age 65, you may choose any member on your policy to become the policy owner/premium payer with no changes to the benefits or the premium. The policy will expire when you reach age 66, unless it is transferred.
  • An optional cash bonus benefit can be taken. A minimum monthly payment of Tsh 1 000 is payable. The maximum payment cannot exceed the larger of Tsh 8 500 or half the premium payable in respect of the burial cover and burial repatriation benefits. This provides a cash amount over and above your burial benefits.
  • A 28-day, no-strings-attached, right-of-review period is allowed to the policyholder after receipt of the policy document during which the policy can be reviewed to ensure that the policyholder is satisfied with the purchase.
  • 10% of all risk premiums paid (excluding cash bonus premiums and policy fees) for this policy will be paid back every five years.
  • A waiting period of six months from the commencement of the policy is applicable where no claims other than accidental death or accidental disability (any occupation) will be accepted.

Product Structure

The burial cover is sold in units (or portions). This makes it easy to calculate how much burial cover is needed and how much it will cost. You may structure your policy to provide up to Tshs 3 375 000 burial cover per life.

Units of Cover     Benefits/Sum Assured
1 270 000
2 555 000
3 855 000
4 1 170 000
5 1 500 000
6 1 845 000
7 2 205 000
8 2 580 000
9 2 975 000
10 3 375 000


Minimum Maximum
Life Assured 16 65
Spouse 16 65
Parents/Parents-in-law 22 85
Children 0 21
Extended Family 0 85

Cash Bonus

  • It works on the principle of a unit trust, where you buy units in a fund each month. The value of the units is determined by the total value of the assets in the fund.
  • A minimum monthly payment of Tshs 1 000 is payable. The maximum payment cannot exceed the larger of Tshs 8 500 and half the premium payable in respect of the burial cover and burial repatriation benefits.
  • In the event of a claim on the last nominated person assured, the benefits becoming due under the policy at the date when the Life Assured would have reached 65 years of age, had he lived, will be payable.
  • On the death of the life assured this amount is paid out in addition to the burial cover benefits.

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Amani Application Form
Amani FFP Claim Form
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