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Group Funeral (Last Expense)

A group funeral (also known as last expense) policy may cover employees, their spouses and children depending on the employer’s preference.

The policy enables employers, co-operative societies, welfare societies, and other affinity groups to provide means of financing funeral expenses when a member passes away.

Membership Details

The minimum number of genuine members of a group/society allowed under this policy to form a scheme is ten. The upper limit of age next birthday for such members is 65 years. Spouse(s), children and parents of members can be included into the scheme as dependants. Dependent children should be aged between one and 21 years.


The group needs to complete and submit a group proposal form, after which we will issue a policy document. Individual members will not be required to complete proposal forms. Also required is the Registration certificate of the group and a list of members covered and their dependants where applicable. We shall also require identification documents of the members e.g. copy of ID card, Copy of passport and birth certificates for children.

Premium Payment

The premium payable under this policy depends on the age and sum assured chosen. However, a typical annual premium for a cover of
Tshs 1 000 000 may be Tshs 20 000 per annum per member. To give an adequate quotation, we require the individual ages, occupation, location and number of deaths in the group, over the last three years.

The premium should be paid in advance at the commencement of cover. The subsequent premiums will be calculated at the renewal date, subject to any changes within the group or by the company.

Cover Level Limits

The limits of cover for a group will be set according to the preference of the policy holder. However, maximum cover offered under group funeral schemes is Tshs 2 000 000 for main members and spouses and Tshs 500 000 maximum for children. Once cover limits and premium payable has been agreed, these limits will be applicable to all members across the board.

The cover will be automatic for a member, spouse and up to four children named under the funeral cover application form. We will be happy to guide you on the levels of cover that would be appropriate for your targeted group.

New Members Joining the Scheme

Recently recruited members of the group/company can join the scheme at any time during the year upon which we shall be advised to include them in to the scheme. The group will provide us with their names and we will in turn advise them of the balanced premium payable in respect of the new candidates.

Waiting Period Clause

There is a six-month waiting period (from the date of commencement of the policy) within which claims arising out of death as a result of sickness are excluded.

There is no waiting period for death caused by accident. The waiting period will also apply to any new entrant from the date they are admitted as members of the scheme. This clause does not apply to policies taken by corporate organisations.

Claims Procedure

The documents required include a death notification form, a burial permit, a copy of the identity card of the deceased, a letter from the doctor certifying death and a mortuary acceptance certificate. The claims will be paid within 48 working hours on receipt of all the requirements.

Download Forms

Group Funeral Assurance Proposal Form
Group Funeral Assurance Claim Form




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