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Policy Conditions

Certain conditions and exlusions apply when taking out or changing your policy or policy benefits.

General Conditions

  1. Making changes to a policy:
    You may make changes to a policy, e.g. to the level of cover. For any change to your policy you must write a letter to Sanlam Life Insurance requesting the change required. Once the change has been made, we will send you a confirmation with the effective date of the new cover in writing.
  2. Sanlam Life Insurance's responsibility to pay any benefits will start once we have:
    • Received the completed application form with all relevant information, signed by the main member; and
    • Received your premium (where applicable).
  3. Sanlam Life Insurance will not be responsible to pay any benefits unless it has received adequate proof of the death of the member.
  4. We have the right at all reasonable times to inspect any documents relating to the insurance provided under this policy.
  5. When we pay benefits of the Savings and Life Plan to the main member or nominated beneficiary, Sanlam Life Insurance will have honored its obligations and will no longer be responsible for the payment of any further benefits to the member.
  6. Misrepresentation, incorrect description or non-disclosure of any material fact or circumstance in connection with this policy, a claim in terms of this policy or application of this policy may result in this policy being cancelled, rejection of a claim or the policy voided from inception.
  7. Should premiums not be paid within 30 days of the premium due date, the policy will lapse and the life assured and all dependents covered by the policy will not be entitled to any benefits, except those that are entitled in terms of the cash bonus benefit (if applicable).
  8. At the discretion of the company, the policy may, at any time within one year of lapse be reinstated in full upon payment of all arrears, including interest, and submission of satisfactory evidence of health where applicable.
  9. The policy shall come into effect, subject to waiting period limits, once the company has reinstated the policy.

Conditions Applicable to All Policy Benefits

  1. If the age of any person upon whose death a benefit is payable has been misstated, the benefits payable will be determined by the actual premiums paid and the correct age of the person concerned.
  2. The company will not be liable under the policy if any person assured under this policy, upon whose death a benefit is payable, commits suicide or dies as a result of any involvement in illegal conduct within one year of the commencement date or the date of any reinstatement of the policy.
  3. Benefits under this policy are payable to the policy owner/premium payer or to the nominated beneficiary.
  4. Where an admitted claim terminates a benefit under the policy, the premium payable under the policy will not be reduced. The portion of the premium applicable to the benefit concerned will thereafter be allocated directly to the cash bonus benefit, unless the company is advised otherwise in writing.
  5. The benefits payable will be subject to a deduction of any indebtedness to the company.

Exclusions Applicable to All Policy Benefits

The following exclusions are there to protect the company from excessive risks that would have an adverse effect on its premiums.

  1. Suicide, attempted suicide or self inflicted injuries whether the person is sane or not
  2. Breaking the law
  3. Alcohol or drug abuse (this includes use of non-prescription drugs)
  4. Any form of war or terrorist activity
  5. Dangerous sports or passtime like sky-diving, motor racing, bungee jumping etc.
  6. Participation in any forms of aviation other than as a fare-paying passenger on a scheduled air service over an established passenger route; (e.g. micro lights, hot air balloons, etc.)
  7. When important information about the health of the life assured is withheld or falsified – specifically when any medical condition, for which treatment was received or recommended by a medical practitioner, or of which the nominated person assured was aware of prior to the issue of the policy, is not disclosed.
  8. Other reasons why the company will not settle the claim are:
    • When the life assured deliberately provides incorrect information
    • When premiums have not been received within a reasonable time period
    • Where the intermediary (Agent or Representative) falsifies information
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