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Sanlam for Professionals:
Student Package

As a professional student, what can you look forward to?

  • Premier insurance designed to cover your life insurance needs as a student and graduate
  • Competitive monthly premiums starting from R85 per month
  • An easy application process with a short health questionnaire and minimal medical tests
  • Built-in Wealth Bonus® at no additional cost
  • The ability to adjust your plan as your needs change

Getting ahead starts
with getting started

You don’t need to wait until you’ve entered the working world to start taking care of your future. With Sanlam’s Professional Student Package, you can start protecting your greatest asset – your future ability to earn an income – while you’re still a student. This comprehensive cover is designed to protect you not only while you complete your studies, but also into your career.

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Do I qualify?

You could qualify for this market-leading cover if you are younger than 30 and a full-time student at:

  • A university, in at least your fourth academic year, majoring in a qualifying professional field of study
  • A university of technology, studying toward an MTech or DTech degree, majoring in a qualifying professional field of study

Tailored benefits
that work for you

The Sanlam Professional Student Package includes comprehensive life cover that provides a financial safety net in the event of sickness, disability, severe illness and death.

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Pays if you’re booked off sick for at least seven days and provides an additional payout if you’re hospitalised for at least four days.

Pays if you become disabled while you’re studying and are unable to ever work in the occupation you’ve been studying toward or one in line with your education, training and experience. When you start working, this cover pays if you are unable to work because of an illness or injury. It also pays for certain disabilities and illnesses that affect your lifestyle, even if you can still study or work.

Pays for more than 300 illnesses and injuries across all body systems, including early cancers and accidental HIV infection.

Pays in the event of your death. You decide beforehand who the money should go to.

Terms and conditions apply. A claim will only be considered if the life insured meets the contractual claim event definition of the claim event in question, as well as any other contractual requirements, as set out in the applicable contract documents.

What is Wealth Bonus®?

Wealth Bonus® is a long-term monetary benefit embedded into Sanlam’s flagship products that aims to help build meaningful long-term wealth at no extra cost to you. How does it work? We match a percentage of your monthly insurance premium, allocating it to your Wealth Bonus®. At certain future dates, you will have access to some of the money in your Wealth Bonus®, and, if you maintain your insurance policy until the Wealth Bonus® cease date, all the money will eventually become available as a lump sum.

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