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Life Insurance Customer Service

At Sanlam in Kenya we have a strong customer service culture.

We aim to offer our clients a service that exceeds their expectations. Our customers can be served at our Customer Service department at Sanlam’s Head Office in Kenya.

How to Claim

In the event of death, disability or critical illness, personal accident, annuity or maturity claims, please complete our online claim form.

In order to claim, you will need the following forms and documents:


  • Notification letter
  • Original policy document
  • Original death certificate or burial permit for Family Finance policies
  • Copies of ID of deceased and claimant
  • Claim forms 1 and 2 (from Sanlam in Kenya. Note only claim form 1 for FFP)
  • Police abstract and post-mortem report (in case of accidental death)

Personal Accident

  • Accident notification letter
  • Copy of ID of the life assured
  • Personal accident claim form (from Sanlam in Kenya)
  • Police abstract in case of traffic accident or assault
  • Letter confirming total disability from the doctor (in case of total permanent disability claims)

Full Maturity

  • Original policy document
  • Copy of ID
  • Signed discharge voucher

Wealth Provider FAQ's

This is a unit linked life assurance policy with various ancillary benefits. Apart from building Savings for the future, the Policy also offers you an optional Life Cover and a compulsory Accidental Death and Personal Accident benefit.

No. Currently the minimum term of our policies is five years. What happens is that in case you surrender the policy after three years you will get the current policy value less applicable penalties based on the period in force. Maintaining the policy up to maturity will however earn you more returns, as your contributions will be invested for a longer time period.

After the third anniversary of the policy. The cash loan is up to 75% of the value of your units.

Yes. At maturity you can use the benefits paid for education. You can equally take advances to meet your education needs during the term of the policy.

Yes. An endorsement can be done to that effect.

Yes. The alternative methods of premium payments include Bankers Order and Direct Debit Instructions. Premiums can also be paid via cheque or M-Pesa quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Our Mpesa paybill numbers are: a. 120120 – For all policies b. 120123 –dedicated to Umash Policies

Upon receipt of the first premium.

This refers to the period of six months following commencement/reinstatement of your policy. During this period only claims arising out of death from accidental causes are payable. After the six months all claims are payable subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Every policy is a contract by itself. Thus different types of policies offer different benefits and are guided by different policy terms and conditions. Hence premiums meant for one policy cannot be transferred to another policy.

Family Finance Plans FAQ's

The FFP is a risk product with ancillary benefits that are primarily designed to provide burial cover for Kenyans. The product also offers an avenue for savings through optional cash bonus ancillary benefit. This policy ensures that you are able to give a dignified send off to your loved ones. Members of the extended family are covered as well. Other benefits include: Affordable premiums starting at Ksh.500/- An automatic 5% premium update to fight inflation No medical examination Optional cash bonus (savings plan) Option of choosing an alternative premium payer after age 50 but before age 65, so the policy can continue without the up-front costs of starting a new policy of insurance 8 days for you to review the policy once it commences, to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase 10% of all premiums paid for this policy will be paid back every 5 years.

Meets a specific need for unexpected expenses Wide range of ages covered i.e. Unborn or newborn children, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, extended family etc. Affordable premiums You can add savings if needed (ancillary) After every 5 years 10% of your risk premium is credited to the policy’s investment account. No medical tests required No HIV/AIDS exclusion after initial waiting period No waiting period for accidental death Life assured can transfer policy to another person covered under existing policy after attaining age 50 but before turning 65 years of age You can take a policy advance of up to 75% of Cash Bonus investment value after three years.

FFP policy does not have a term. As long as the policy is in force benefits relating to any dependant covered under the policy are payable. The policy will however cease when the life assured attains the age of 66 years and policy transfer has not been done. The beauty of the product is that the policy can be transferred after the life assured has attained age 50 but before age 65.

FFP can only acquire a value if the policyholder is paying for the cash bonus benefit. The cash bonus premium net of relevant expenses purchases units in a well managed unit linked fund and the value of the policy will be the value of the units under your policy at any given time.

Yes. An endorsement can be done to that effect. Premiums for the new dependant(s) will be calculated based on age and cover will be subject to the six or twelve months waiting period based on the class of dependant added. The waiting period for the Life Assured and Spouse is 6 months, while that of all other dependants is twelve months.

This refers to the period of six or twelve months following commencement/reinstatement of your policy. During this period only claims arising out of death from accidental causes are payable. After the six or twelve months all claims are payable subject to the policy terms and conditions.

For a pure risk FFP policy nothing is payable. However, for a policy with a cash bonus benefit, the cash value of the policy is payable subject to penalties of 25% and 12.5% if the policy is withdrawn within the 2nd and 3rd year respectively. After three consecutive years, the full cash value in the cash bonus account is payable. No benefit shall accrue if the policy is withdrawn in the 1st year.

All you need to do is notify us through the nearest agency office. Our claim form will be issued to you for completion. You will be required to submit a certified copy of the burial permit, proof of age for the deceased (i.e. copy of national identity card, clinical or baptismal card) and the policy document. Upon receipt, claim will be assessed and paid within 48 hours.

Online Claims

Please complete our online claims form.

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