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Education Cover

Saving for education made easy

Let us help you to start saving for your child’s future today.

Education is the greatest gift we can give our children. However, the cost of giving our children the opportunity to become the next generation of specialists, academics, executives and artisans are increasing at a frightening pace. That’s why saving for their university or college education from as early as you can is becoming more important than ever.

Where do you start, and how much is enough to help your children realise their career dreams? Find out today by using our Education Calculator and speaking to one of our professional financial advisers.

Compare Costs

Get a view of the cost of university or college education.

Education Calculator

Calculate how much you need to invest.

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Compare 2019 Education Costs

To get a view of tuition and residence costs at different tertiary institutions, select the course and indicate whether it should include residence.

Note that the fees in the graph below are based on 2019 costs for one year of study.

Education Calculator

Not sure how much to save for your children’s education?

Whether your child is two years old or about to go to high school, it’s never too early or too late to start saving for university or college education. Find out how much you should invest to secure your child’s future.

To get a view of tuition and residence costs at different tertiary institutions, compare education costs.

Age Study period Cost per year
First Child closeRemove
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Current Savings  

You will need to save per month to cover the approximate R40 000 cost per year for a 3 year degree.

Taking your additional investments into account, you will need to save per month until your youngest child is 18 in order to cover the approximate annual education cost of

Disclaimer: These values are determined using projections based on assumptions about uncertain future outcomes and are not guaranteed. Actual future values will depend on the actual amounts invested and the experience of the selected investment portfolios with regards to investment returns, fees and taxes. This will impact your ability to reach your goals and it is therefore important to review your education plan regularly.

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