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Management Outsourced (MO) BlueStar business

An exciting business proposal from Sanlam BlueStar

With the Sanlam Management Outsourced BlueStar model, you as financial adviser have the opportunity to reward your entrepreneurial spirit by taking on a role that requires more management expertise and offers more independence.

The MO BlueStar model

If you’re a financial adviser with strong entrepreneurial skills, the MO BlueStar model is suited for you. The Management Outsourced model is based on the same principles as our BlueStar model, but essentially you’ll become the franchise principal of a number of BlueStar advisers. So, if you’re ready to advance to an executive management role and desire more independence, this is your chance.

As franchise principal you will:

  • Grow your business by recruiting more BlueStar advisers
  • Offer specialist advice and management to your advisers
  • Supervise the financial advice provided
  • Enjoy the benefits of being associated with the Sanlam brand
  • Receive the same support from Sanlam that a BlueStar principal enjoys

You can expect extensive support

Your MO BlueStar business will enjoy extensive support from Sanlam. We want you to achieve success as we know that this, in turn, will contribute to our success.

  • Competitive financing to get your business off the ground
  • Comprehensive business management training, if required, via our BlueStar Development Programme
  • Regular, industry-leading training sessions for your advisers and new recruits
  • Specialist product advice and assistance with generating new leads, mining databases, and recruiting advisers
  • Sanlam’s FSP licence extends to the professional advice provided by all your advisers
  • Compliance risk will be managed by Sanlam on your behalf

Get in touch

Contact any of our Managers: Enterprise Partnerships below to find out more about joining a Management Outsourced (MO) BlueStar business:


Edmund April
082 449 1549
Gauteng North

Gerhard Hartman
082 388 1206
Gauteng South/East Coast

Tashlin Naidoo
071 596 8288

Asheena Chandrikpersad
082 384 1290