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Partner with Sanlam Life Insurance for a range of specialised group risk products.

As a provider of a range of products for organised groups such as employees, volunteers, social clubs, members of associations, students and other similar organisations, we can make your business a winner.

Group Life Assurance

This cover is available to organised groups for the benefit of the group members.

The policy guarantees to pay a lump sum on occurrence of a named event to a named member, which is defined at the policy’s inception. Such events include death, terminal illness, permanent disability and loss of a loved one.

Unlike individual policies, the premium of this policy is payable annually in advance, and the cover is relatively cheaper when compared to individual products. Groups that cam benefit from Group Life Assurance include employees, volunteers, social clubs, associations members, students and other similar organisations.

Group Last Expense

This assurance plan provides an immediate cash pay-out in the event of the death of the principal member, his/her spouse and children.

The cover is available for companies with employees, and in the event of death of a nuclear member from any of the employees’ family, the company has a moral obligation to pay the funeral expenses.

Credit Life Assurance and Mortgage Protection Policy

This is a life assurance policy taken out by financial institutions on behalf of their creditors to safeguard their estates, and pays out the outstanding amount when a specific event prevents the creditor from earning to service the loan.

This policy can be purchased by banks, building societies, micro-finance institutions, co-operative savings and credit societies (SACCOs), hire-purchase dealers and employers who offer credit facilities to their employees.

Health Care: Sancare Medical Insurance

Sanlam has been offering reliable health insurance since 2011 to a number of corporate organisations in Uganda.

Sancare’s operating model is one of very close monitoring and effective technology solutions to support the business effectively. The Sancare Medical Insurance Plan offers adequate benefits and cover through tailor-made cover options. It caters for the diversified health-care needs of various corporate and employer groups and enables these groups to extend cover to their employees and dependants.

In addition to offering health insurance, Sancare takes its members through a series of wellness programs aimed at promoting healthy living amongst Ugandans.

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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