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Be certain of your business’ financial well-being despite life’s uncertainties.

At Sanlam in Uganda we offer you a comprehensive range of solutions to assist you with your business and financial needs.

Lion Assurance is now part of Sanlam.

Together we are bigger and better than ever before.

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This product provides cover for any damage caused by, among others, theft, fire, storms, strikes, civil commotion, lightening, wind and hail.

Our Fire and Burglary Insurance cover insures your business contents against loss or damage after forced exit or entry in your building. The Burglary policy compensates for the insured’s property stolen from their business premises. This cover may also be extended to include political violence and terrorism (PVT), and any theft following a hold up.

Key cover benefits

  • Buildings – building structure, walls, footpaths, etc.
  • Contents – equipment, such as printing presses, computers, photocopiers, telephones and business records
  • Goods & stock in trade or work in progress, such as paper and client computer disks
  • Damage to lawns, shrubs and trees caused by fire
  • The cost of hiring a temporary security guard following damage to the building

When your livelihood relies on land, you understand more than many what it means to be at the mercy of elements like rain. That is why it’s good to have an insurance company you trust.

With Sanlam General Insurance’s Agri-Business Insurance, you will enjoy the longest period of cover by insuring your crops as soon as possible after planting. We provide a policy that gives comprehensive cover that is flexible enough to fulfill all the personal and agricultural needs of today's farmer. We have the capability to identify the insurance needs in the market, so you can be assured of our ability to match your needs to a product that offers maximum cover.

Loss of or damage to equipment, whether on or off your premises, may lead to uncertainties, such as loss of anticipated profits to the company.

At Sanlam General Insurance we provide a comprehensive, worldwide cover for your loss. This cover aims to maintain that vital stability of your business during the period it is affected. All profits lost during that indemnity period are recoverable by us.

Damage to your property may result in reduced turnover or additional expenses, which may cause serious, unplanned business interruption.

The Loss of Profits product has been designed by Sanlam General Insurance to cover any infrastructural damage within an agreed radius of your business which may hamper customers from accessing your premises. This policy also provides cover for loss of profits following a fire so that you lose nothing when your premises are being reconstructed.

Goods are often damaged or stolen while being transported, which is why you need to ensure that you are covered against this risk.

This policy covers imports/exports while being transported - especially within Uganda. Sanlam General Insurance’s marine insurance also involves protection of a wide range of boats and other marine craft. Additional to this, we offer distinct solutions to meet customers’ needs. With our expertise, we focus on companies involved mainly in domestic trade.

Key benefits cover

  • Commercial own goods and courier
  • Public liability insurance for own goods and couriers
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Any number of vehicles considered
  • Hauliers insurances; large sums insured
  • Public liability insurance cover
  • Low policy claims excesses

Your computers and other electronic equipment are an integral part of your business.

At Sanlam General Insurance we recommend this policy for all your business computers and their accessories against all risks of physical loss, damage or electrical burn whilst in use. We cover licensed software, scanners, printers, audio or visual equipment or any industrial equipment items. In case of computers, the policy can also be extended to include the cost of replacing lost or damaged external data media and the cost of reproducing lost data. Any increased costs in terms of production as a result of the loss or damage can also be claimed from the policy.

There is bound to be money kept on your premises or in transit from time to time. Sanlam General Insurance’s Cash in Transit policy provides cover against loss of or damage to money on your premises or while in transit to and from the bank.

We provide comprehensive vehicle coverage in event of loss and/or damage resulting from accidents, fire or theft. Our cover is designed to give you peace of mind when you’re on the road as it includes the replacement value of your windscreen as well as third-party liability in terms of public injury or damage to property.

Once you've experienced the benefits of our comprehensive car insurance product, you'll never look back. Your vehicle will be covered against accidental damage, damage caused by fire or any act of nature, theft, hijack, intentional damage, and you'll also enjoy cover in cases where you can be held legally liable for causing damage or injury to someone else or to their property.

Key benefits include

  • Trauma treatment
  • Medical expenses for you or your family
  • Recovery cost
  • Emergency cost
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Increased third-party benefits
  • Vandalism and theft of parts cover
  • Riots, strikes, civil commotion cover
  • Life insurance benefits

Motor Guard Insurance Extra

Tired of the same, ordinary cover? Enjoy higher limits and wider coverage with our Motor Guard Extra Insurance.

We'll cover you in terms of:

  • Loss or hire of a replacement vehicle
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Family personal accident
  • Wrong fuel
  • Ambulance and nursing charges
  • Driving in the East African Community (free cover)
  • Nursing charges
  • Free cleaning and fumigation after repairs
  • Self-authority to repair
  • Loss of keys and locks
  • Legal representation where applicable

Hotline: 0800 108 080

You can easily get sued in the event that you or one of your employees causes damage to someone else's property or cause the death or injury of someone during the course of business. Sanlam General Insurance’s Products Liability Insurance provides cover, should your company get sued for accidental damage caused to someone else’s property when conducting business.

Should you or one of your employees be injured accidentally, whether working or otherwise, our 24 Hour Personal Accident policy will pay out based on the compensation limit you requested. This can either be on a stated benefit basis (i.e. related to the annual salary of your employees), or a fixed amount.

Comprehensive Group Personal Accident insurance provides coverage for your most important assets, your employees, should they be involved in an accident. This cover will provide financial security and support for the most unexpected situations, 24 hours a day, all year round, anywhere in the world. The policy also covers events of accidental death, permanent disability and medical reimbursement.

As set by the law, employees who are injured while on the job receive benefits regardless of who is at fault. Our Worker’s Compensation policy provides medical care and other benefits to employees who are injured during the course of business. This policy also covers aspects of the employee retirement fund and services centered on employee benefits.

As a contractor, having your tools, materials and building works covered against loss or damage is very important.

Sanlam General Insurance provides Contractors “All Risk” Insurance, which covers compensation for accidental or malicious damage and theft at a contract site. The scope of cover includes fire, burglary, floods, earthquake, and unforeseen and accidental damage to the property insured. In addition, the policy will extend to cover the contractor’s liability to members of the public (third parties) in terms of death, injuries or damage to their property arising out of the contractor’s negligence. This insurance cover is provided until the contractor hands over all contractual works to the employer.

Errors and oversights can occur when professionals conduct their day-to-day business. Professional Indemnity Insurance protects the insured against claims from clients in this regard. As the world is becoming very litigious, this cover is a must for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, insurance brokers, architects and quantity surveyors.

Our business is to protect your business. Our new Office Combined Insurance Extra will comprehensively cover your business in terms of:

  • Office contents
  • Loss of money
  • Document or data recovery
  • Tenant's Liability
  • Public Liability
  • “All risks”
  • Legal Representation on liability issues


Hotline: 0800 108 080

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