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Working at Sanlam goes beyond merely a day job. It encompasses an ethos and culture, a way of doing business. We call it the Sanlam Way. The Wealthsmiths™ way.

Sanlam is based on a fundamental belief in honest, hard work to make the most of every rand we’re entrusted with. We respect how hard people work for their money and we strive to make it work as hard for them as they did to earn it.

In pursuit of this brand philosophy, you will work alongside interesting, passionate people and have the chance to be a part of challenging projects in a multicultural, stimulating environment. Over and above your skillset, there will be many opportunities for you to further Sanlam’s Wealthsmith ™ ethos, not only in the office but also in the greater community and environment in which we operate.

Realise Your Worth

Our company is built on a respect for what people are worth and an appreciation for what they can become. We know that your worth is infinite and unique – and want to inspire you to realise this worth.

This is why we give each and every person who works at Sanlam the opportunity to make the most of who they are, and to be recognised, respected and rewarded for their capabilities.

Read our EVP brochure to discover how you can unlock your full potential and realise your worth.



Career Opportunities OpportunitiesIf you’re interested in joining our team at Sanlam Namibia, make sure you keep your eye on our careers page for all the latest vacancies and opportunities.Irrespective of whether you’re starting your career or you’re an experienced professional, Sanlam offers opportunity in many diverse fields including accounting, actuarial science, investments, legal, IT and many more., /namibia/Namibia Banner Images/wealth.jpg?RenditionID=5
How We Recruit We RecruitSanlam Namibia’s recruitment processes are aligned with the Group’s Employment Equity Policy and other relevant legislation. Learn more about on our website.Sanlam’s recruitment and selection processes are aligned with the Sanlam Group’s Employment Equity Policy and other relevant legislation., /namibia/Namibia Banner Images/FinPlan.jpg?RenditionID=5

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