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Sanlam Investments

Sanlam Investments is a definite leader in the Namibian investment management industry, providing portfolio management services to both institutions and individuals.

Our focus is to create and enhance value through various investment strategies.

With assets under management of just over N$24 billion, Sanlam Investments proudly manages just over 20% of Namibia's domestic savings. A locally run investment house by passionate Namibians, Sanlam Investments have managed to establish an independent asset management business with a well- balanced structured team, a reliable investment platform and an entrenched commitment to Namibia consistently delivering top-half performance for its clients in the managed, pooled and collective investments area.

Our diversified client offering is based on traditional asset management bridging off into alternative investment products, private equity investments, infrastructure investments, domestic and international unit trusts, listed and unlisted property investments, Namibian dollar and foreign currency-based offshore funds to name but a few.

We also boast managing the two largest unit trust funds in the country being the Sanlam Namibia Inflation linked Fund and the Sanlam Namibia Active Fund. Our investment philosophy is based on an active pragmatic value style with our core ethos: Superior returns are generated through a systematic, disciplined and focused research driven process. Our investment decisions are taken in a constructive manner with individual accountability supported by top-class systems, research and technology.

Given the current levels of volatility and uncertainty in global and local markets, calm, sober-minded, pragmatic thinking is a key approach when managing people’s money. Although we are a traditional, long asset manager, we see our growth in the unlisted infrastructure private equity & property investments and structured solutions. We are also aggressively looking at building our private wealth business and index tracking- based solutions for our clients.

We welcome the imminent changes in the regulatory environment that compel institutional investors to redirect investments into local economic development, something that’s creating exciting opportunities in one of the most stable and growing economies on the continent.

Institutional/Wholesale Offering

Sanlam Investments is both an originator and distributor of specialist services, investment products and solutions.

To our clients we offer custom-designed products such as:

  • Balanced portfolios
  • Specialised investment portfolios
  • Asset liability matching
  • Dual listed equity funds
  • Active and passive investment products
  • International multi-manager investment portfolios
  • Development capital investments
  • Multi-managed investments
  • Fixed Benchmark range

To our wholesale sector we provide:

  • Cash management
  • Index tracking

Our retail offering comprises:

  • Private portfolio management
  • Offshore funds

We have one of the finest investment teams in Southern Africa and are perfectly positioned to manage the new wave of specialist mandate investment portfolios. To this end, we have created specialist investment teams in line with global trends to serve as building blocks for portfolio development. This gives us the necessary flexibility to address your investment requirements with a degree of precision not possible when using a traditional approach to asset management. Our independent compliance team monitors all decisions to conform to statutory requirements, internal policies and client investment mandates, thereby ensuring legitimacy of all actions.


Smooth Bonus Portfolios

Protect your investments from short-term volatility with smoothed returns and capital protection.

Our smoothed bonus portfolios reduce the volatility of investment returns inherent with market exposure. This is done through regular bonus declarations, which are designed to provide a smoothed return over time. These portfolios offer capital protection and are appropriate for members approaching retirement, members whose employment is vulnerable to economic changes and risk-averse members.

Stable Bonus Fund

Suitable for investors who
  • Want to reduce the volatility of their investment, especially as they approach retirement, without giving up the upside potential of their returns.
  • Are willing to have only a portion of their bonus be guaranteed to pursue possible higher returns. Bonuses consist of a guaranteed and non-guaranteed portion.
What the fund aims to achieve and how
  • Protects investors against short-term volatility while providing partial guarantees on benefit payments.
  • Smoothes investment return.
  • Bonuses consist of a vesting and non-vesting portion, and are declared monthly in advance. Bonuses cannot be negative.
More information

Local Unit Trusts

Take control of your financial future by investing in our range of unit trust investments.

Whatever your investment goal, we can help you create and grow your investment portfolio through our range of unit trusts. By investing in a Sanlam unit trust, you gain access to the expertise of South Africa’s top investment managers.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money or spend time to understand and navigate the share markets yourself. Our dedicated investment team has the proven skills to manage risks and to create consistent, sustainable performance.

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Sanlam Investment Management Namibia (Pty) Ltd Reg no 99/107
2nd Floor, Welwitchia  Building
49 Rehobother Road
Ausspannplatz, Windhoek

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PO Box 23081

(+264) 061 294 7500

(+264) 061 294 7524

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