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Benefits preserved in the SSUF Benefits Preserved in the SSUF

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Benefits Preserved in the SSUF

Once you terminate your employment or end retirement, what happens to your benefits if you opt to preserve it in the SSUF?



Paid-up Members MembersYou have made the clever decision to preserve your retirement savings in the SSUF. Please ensure that you keep the SSUF informed about any changes to your contact details., Retirement Fund Banner Images/Media_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Postpone Retirements RetirementsAt retirement you’ve elected to postpone the payment of your retirement benefits. Please note the applicable conditions., Retirement Fund Banner Images/Media_releases_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
In-Fund Annuitants AnnuitantsAt retirement you’ve elected to receive a pension from the SSUF. It is important that you note the conditions applicable to you.,

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