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My Retirement Fund

Taking care of you and your family’s future. Cover for me, my family and my future.

All permanent office staff employees of Sanlam and subsidiary businesses are members of the Sanlam Staff Umbrella Pension and Provident Funds (SSUF).

 Stay Informed



Member Portal and My Retirement App Portal and My Retirement AppAccess details of your own fund benefits and if necessary change your investments and beneficiaries online., /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/RetirementFund_banner3.jpg?RenditionID=2
Investments need to monitor your retirement benefits and review your investment options. Find out more about the available investment options and returns of the applicable portfolios., /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/investments_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Annual Reports & Articles Reports & ArticlesThe annual reports contain detail of the developments in the SSUF over the applicable fund year and an updated summary of benefits. Also see copies of articles regarding the SSUF and related group life benefits., /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/legislative_changes_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2

 Retirement and Related Benefits



Joining the Company the CompanyNew permanent appointment employees joining Sanlam are required to make important choices regarding retirement benefits. Read our documentation for guidance.As a new member, you have some important choices to make concerning your retirement benefits. We provide you with the information you need and guide you on the process to be followed. , /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/joining_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Life Events EventsMembers have the choice to increase their insurance cover in the case of marriage, divorce or birth of a child. Contact Sanlam on: 086 072 6526.If your personal circumstances have changed recently – for example you got married, divorced or welcomed a new baby - you may wish to increase your cover. Find out what you need to do. , /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/life_events_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Resignation, Retrenchment, Dismissal, Retrenchment, DismissalIf you are leaving the Company, you may wish to preserve your fund benefit. We will assist you with this important decision. , /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/resignation_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Trauma Cover CoverFind out more about trauma insurance and the illnesses that are covered. , /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/trauma_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Disability Cover CoverFind out more about cover in the event of disability. , /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/disabilty_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Death Cover CoverFind out more about death cover for you, your spouse and your family - and the options you have. , /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/death_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Retirement Benefits BenefitsSave enough while you work to provide yourself with a sufficient income to adequately cover your expenses once you have retired. , /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/benefits_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
General sure you have a proper understanding of the benefits and rates of the SSUF and Group Life Insurance. , /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/general_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Governance out more about the rules and conditions of the Fund and the people responsible for managing the Fund (trustees). , /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/governance_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2

Benefits Preserved in the SSUF

Once you terminate your employment or end retirement, what happens to your benefits if you opt to preserve it in the SSUF?



Paid-up Members MembersYou have made the clever decision to preserve your retirement savings in the SSUF. Please ensure that you keep the SSUF informed about any changes to your contact details., /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/Media_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
Postpone Retirements RetirementsAt retirement you’ve elected to postpone the payment of your retirement benefits. Please note the applicable conditions., /campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/Media_releases_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
In-Fund Annuitants AnnuitantsAt retirement you’ve elected to receive a pension from the SSUF. It is important that you note the conditions applicable to you., /CoZaBannerImages/RA_banner18.jpg?RenditionID=2

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