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To start drafting your online will, select the type of will (single or joint).

Single Will
A document incorporating the instructions (will) of one person, which deals with the disposal of his/her estate at his/her death.

Joint Will
A document incorporating the instructions (will) of two persons, which deals with the disposal of their estates at the death of either or both of them.


Client 1: Personal Details

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Marital Details


If you have children, provision will be made for them, as well as for their offspring should they have passed on. If you don’t have children, your assets will be left to your parents.

Legal Guardian

In the unfortunate event of your death, the following person will be appointed as the legal guardian for your children:

Executor Details


Banking Details

Life Insurance

A high percentage of estates turn out to be insolvent, with debts exceeding assets, and despite having a will, your dependents may be left with nothing. Even worse, your dependents can be left with outstanding debts to repay. You can prevent this by ensuring that you have sufficient life cover.

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