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Sanlam Centennial

Sanlam is celebrating 100 years of growth and prosperity. Download the Centennial CI Guide to ensure that all design and digital elements are in line with the latest 2018 guidelines, and let's do the brand proud.

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Visitors to a website usually have two questions when they arrive on any page:

  • Where am I?
  • How do I get to where I want to go?

The aim is to develop and ensure the simplest possible navigation through a system of well-considered headers, footers, hyperlinks and menus, which form a basic framework and map for the journey through the site.

We have different menu structures for different devices. This ensures an optimal experience for users on any device.

Main Navigation


The main navigation is laid out across the top of each page. It must always begin with the company logo (top left), followed by the menu items and lastly the functional menu elements, and/or ‘expertise’ e.g. ‘Retirement’ (top right). The menu items are ordered according to importance and the most important items are in bold. Menu items become the Sanlam Corporate Blue (#0075c9) upon click.


Desktop Flyouts

If a menu item contains sub-sections, flyout will appear on click. The rest of the page will become transparent to give focus to the flyout. The flyout can be closed using the x or just clicking outside of it.


Tablet and Mobile

On tablet and mobile devices, the menu rolls up into a hamburger menu (top left hand corner). On click, the menu slides open. Menu items with sub sections re marked with a '>'. When these items are clicked the menu slides open to display a sub level. The flyout is the Sanlam Corporate Blue with the text reversed out in white.




Mono Crumb

The mono crumb appears on all pages (excluding the homepage and campaign pages). This helps to give the user context within the site structure.

The link navigates users back one level up in the site structure. This slice also contains the print and share icons.

Print: This allows the user to print the content of the page.

Share: This allows the user to share the information on the page with a friend or share it on his or her social network.


Desktop and Tablet

The footer is located at the bottom of the site and contains links to all the areas within the site as well as the additional links to Sanlam’s social media properties and legal documentation.

For all corporate sites, the footer must be the Sanlam Corporate Blue, but for ‘Wealth’ sites (Glacier and Sanlam Investment), the footer will adopt the relevant colour (black or grey as per colour guidelines).



On mobile devices, we condense the footer to only show Salam’s social media icons, the Sanlam logo, global links and link relating to legislation and regulation (Legal.)





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