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Sanlam Centennial

Sanlam is celebrating 100 years of growth and prosperity. Download the Centennial CI Guide to ensure that all design and digital elements are in line with the latest 2018 guidelines, and let's do the brand proud.

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Forms use the same style across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Forms with more than one step has a progress bar at the top of the form to indicate where you are in the process of completing the form. One page forms has no progress bar.

Form style

The field name is positioned above the field, if the space allows for it. If not, the field name is placed inside the input box.

Form Errors

Form errors are shown by highlighting the box with a red outline, as well as giving the error message in red below the input box. If space does not allow for error messages, highlight the input box with a red outline.

Date Picker

Selecting a date is indicated through clicking on three individual dropdowns.

On mobile the three dropdown decrease in size to fit onto the screen.

Select Boxes

Select boxes typically appear on forms, and are used to indicate which items on the list apply to the individual user.





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