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Sanlam Centennial

Sanlam is celebrating 100 years of growth and prosperity. Download the Centennial CI Guide to ensure that all design and digital elements are in line with the latest 2018 guidelines, and let's do the brand proud.

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Buttons are generally used on pages, forms and banners where users need to submit information or take any alternative action. The Sanlam buttons are bold and eye-catching to ensure that the user takes the necessary action.

Button Colours

Primary buttons are always specified Sanlam blue.
The only exception is if the button is positioned on a dark background, where it can then be reversed out.
All button copy must be in upper case.

Button Styling

All buttons must have rounded corners.

When there is more than one step in a process, the shape of the buttons change to an arrow shape button to indicate that users are moving between steps.

When two buttons are placed next to each other and the one is of more importance than the other, the main button will be blue and the secondary button grey.





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