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Sanlam Centennial

Sanlam is celebrating 100 years of growth and prosperity. Download the Centennial CI Guide to ensure that all design and digital elements are in line with the latest 2018 guidelines, and let's do the brand proud.

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There are three types of banners: homepage banners, content banners and campaign banners.

Homepage Banners

These banners appear on landing pages or homepages and are used to position the brand offering.
The design makes allowance for a carousel.
This banner "covers" the menu as well as the first slice content. On mobile, no carsousel is available and only the first banner will be displayed.


Size: 1920 x 702


Size: 1150 x 530


Size: 555 x 196

Preview Banners

Additional banners in the carousel are on demand, which means users has the option to click through or not.

Size: 220x146

Content Banners

These banners are on all pages excluding the homepage. On mobile and tablet pages, these banners are optional.

Size: 1920 x 226

Campaign Banners

The campaign banners are used to promote and reflect recent and relevant Sanlam campaigns, and generally include a button with a clear call to action.


Size: 1920 x 359


Size: 1920 x 269


Size: 555 x 107




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