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Sanlam Centennial

Sanlam is celebrating 100 years of growth and prosperity. Download the Centennial CI Guide to ensure that all design and digital elements are in line with the latest 2018 guidelines, and let's do the brand proud.

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Sanlam Digital CI Elements

Easy access to Sanlam’s digital Corporate Identity guidelines and governance.

Sanlam Digital provides this central resource to guide Sanlam businesses and partners with the implementation of digital properties and projects. This include basic princples, as well as style and channel guidelines. Policies regarding marketing technology, domain names, social media, agencies and technology platforms are also provided to support brand and style guidelines.

Always ensure that you review this Digital CI guide alongside the full Sanlam Corporate Identity Guide. You can download the full guide here.




Design Principles

Unified Client Experience

Today's digital landscape comprises multiple touch points and devices. With clients able to interact digitally at any given time, we need to ensure that users can navigate and interact with ease across all channels using multiple devices. We strive to deliver a consistent user experience across our digital properties.

Craft Above All

Effective digital design is a considered craft. Sanlam's approach to digital design reflects the artisinal approach embodied in our role as Wealthsmiths.

Simplicity and Focus

Sanlam's digital design should promote ease of use and provide user control over their experience through the creation of simple, optimised user experiences. This requires simplicity and a process of subtraction, whilst avoiding the tendency to add features without considering the user's experience.

Responsive Design

Responsive design ensures that users get the most consistent web browsing experience irrespective of device - be that desktop, tablet or smartphone. As a result website owners and content publishers do not need to build different versions of their website for every popular device platform which they expect their audience might be using.


Sanlam's goal is to design reusable web assets which can be shared across platforms and partners to reduce cost and complexity and further ensure a consistent user experience which supports our brand integrity.


Voice reflects a company’s personality. It builds trust, contributes to relationship building and resembles the point of contact between your business and clients and prospective clients.

Different communication vehicles have different purposes and readers will access or receive them for different reasons, each linked with a specific emotional state.

Sanlam's Voice

We are... But we are not..
Professional Inaccesible
Consistent Inflexible
Responsible Unaspiring
Smart Arrogant
Passionate Emotional
Dynamic Unrealistic
Empathetic Patronising

General Tone Guidelines

  • Get to the point – make it easy for the reader to access the need-to-know essential information.
  • Write and talk the way you would when you would explain something to someone at a dinner party – be inviting and engaging.
  • Be direct and personal.
  • Be sincere.
  • Keep it simple and accessible.
  • Be confident.




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