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Graduates InsuranceCoZa Slices Graduates Insurance
Focus on your career while we take care of life’s uncertainties.
5/18/2017 8:52 AMMariette van Wyk (SPF)
Disability CoverCoZa Slices
Make sure you can pay your bills even if you cannot work because of disability.
11/21/2018 3:35 PMCharne Thompson(SPF)
Income ProtectionCoZa Slices
Get a regular income even if you cannot work to protect your family and your lifestyle.
8/3/2017 2:37 PMMelinda Wantenaar (External)
Life InsuranceCoZa Slices
Have peace of mind that your family will be taken care of in the event of your death.
6/26/2019 3:46 PMBianca Snyman (SPF)
Severe Illness CoverCoZa Slices
Pay for the extra expenses of living with a serious illness without financial difficulty.
8/3/2017 2:43 PMMelinda Wantenaar (External)