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Supporting ServicesCoZa Slices Tools
Our supporting services include, dealing with unclaimed benefits, member and pension communication, an investment administration and pricing service and the drafting and review of fund rules.
11/28/2017 2:00 PMMartin Laubscher (SPF)
Drafting of Fund RulesCoZa Slices
We can draft a retirement fund’s rules and rule amendments, irrespective of whether or not the fund is administered by Sanlam.
9/5/2016 3:18 PMMartin Laubscher (SPF)
Investment Administration and Pricing ServicesCoZa Slices Tools
Investment Administration acts as the link between the fund’s administrator and asset managers, monitoring and managing cash flows between the service providers.
11/28/2017 1:47 PMMartin Laubscher (SPF)
Member and Pensioner Communication ServiceCoZa Slices
We can do everything from setting up your fund’s communication strategy and policy documents, to the branding of all media, and managing the project plan itself.
9/5/2016 3:18 PMMartin Laubscher (SPF)
Unclaimed Benefits FundCoZa Slices Tools
Sanlam’s Unclaimed Benefits Pension Preservation and Provident Preservation Funds offer a specialised solution for unclaimed benefits.
11/28/2017 1:47 PMMartin Laubscher (SPF)