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Group Risk BenefitsCoZa Slices
Group risk products are designed to insure employees and protect their families in the event of long-term illness or death while working.
6/19/2019 8:44 AMMartin Laubscher (SPF)Martin Laubscher (SPF)
Disability InsuranceCoZa Slices
Group disability insurance products assist employees if illness or injury prevents them from working, forces them to take a lower paid position (i.e. long-term disablement).
12/6/2019 10:23 AMBianca Snyman (SPF)Martin Laubscher (SPF)
Life InsuranceCoZa Slices
When an employee dies, the spouse and dependents are often left without income. Life insurance provides a benefit on an employee’s death before retirement.
10/31/2019 12:39 PMBianca Snyman (SPF)Martin Laubscher (SPF)
New and Improved BenefitsCoZa Slices
At Sanlam we realise that there is more to the underwriting of group cover than simply insuring death and disability benefits at the lowest possible rates.  We are passionate about providing products and benefit enhancements that are tailored to employees’ needs.
8/10/2018 3:43 PMCarola CarstensMartin Laubscher (SPF)
Reality Access for SGRCoZa Slices
All members of a Sanlam Group Risk (SGR) policy automatically qualify for Reality Access for SGR, a loyalty programme that rewards its members for living a financially responsible life.
10/24/2019 3:10 PMBianca Snyman (SPF)Martin Laubscher (SPF)